Intermediate Baking Camp


August 6-8th



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August 6-8th



If your child loves to bake but is not yet completely independent in the kitchen or hasn’t yet mastered skill such as kneading dough, measuring and weighing ingredients, different baking techniques and more, this is a great camp for them.  We will tackle cakes, cookies, muffins, breads and more. This is a great camp to do for those in the intermediate skill level camp as they will be able to build on what they learned earlier in the summer. As always during the breaks they will play with the chickens, goats and new nature inspired playground. 
Respect and Kindness are my two major rules in my kitchen and I do not tolerate anyone to be treated without respect. 
Food Allergies: I cannot promise to be an allergy free kitchen.  Please contact me about any food allergies before registering your child and I will do my best to accommodate.  

This summer I am opening up all camps for older children (ages 13-up) with experience in the kitchen to come help teach.  This is a fantastic volunteer experience to add to applications/resumes. The assistant teachers have a lot of fun and learn new skills as well.  They will help with supervising younger kids and help with the farm animals during break time.  Please help spread the word to anyone you think may be interested! 

Cancelation: I cannot offer refunds after May 1st, 2018 except on a case by case basis and I will always do my very best to make everything work out. 

Please read the following release form and in the note section at checkout, provide the information asked and acknowledge that you have read the form. I’m trying to save everyone time this year by not having you print and bring the form on the first day but you are welcome to do that as well if you like. 

Child’s Name: ______________

Parent’s Name: ______________

Phone Number: _______________

Please list any foods allergies, intolerances, and dietary restrictions that your child has:

In the event of an emergency, please contact the following, if same as the contact info above, no need to repeat it. 

Contact’s Name: _________________________

Relationship: __________________

Phone: _____________________________  Authorized to Pick Up Your Child From Class: ___ Yes ___ No

I hereby grant Becky’s Mindful Kitchen all rights and consent to copyright, use, publish, exhibit, or distribute all photographs and/or video of myself and/or my family to be used for Becky’s Mindful Kitchen website and any educational, training, or promotional materials without restriction.  If you wish to opt out of this, please indicate. 

I understand the following:

My child will be exposed to a variety of foods during class and tasting foods throughout the program.

I understand and acknowledge that Becky’s Mindful Kitchen cooking classes and events have inherent risks, dangers, and hazards related to preparing food and working with tools and appliances and that my child’s participation in such classes and events may result in injury.  I will provide closed toe shoes for my child to wear while in the kitchen.I assume full responsibility for any injuries or damages resulting from my child’s participation in this program.  As the legal guardian of the minor child, I accept the risks inherent in the preparation, cooking, and eating of food that has been prepared during cooking classes.  I hereby release Becky’s Mindful Kitchen, all owners and employees from any and all liability for damage, losses, or personal injury resulting from my child’s participation in any Becky’s Mindful Kitchen cooking class or event. 

If my child’s behavior is disruptive to others and does not resolve with verbal warnings, I will come pick up my child and he/she may not be able to return to camp.

I understand that my child will be outside in a garden setting and interacting with chickens and goats.  I will dress my child appropriate for the weather and provide sun and bug protection.  I accept the risks inherent to gardening and interaction with chickens, goats and playing in the woods and release Becky’s Mindful Kitchen, all owners and employees from any and all liability for damage, losses or personal injury resulting from my child’s participation in outdoor activities.  I understand the importance of checking my child for ticks.

I agree to not send my child to class if he/she has had a fever or diarrhea in the past 24 hours, an active cough, or frequently needs to blow his/her nose. 

By signing this waiver, I acknowledge that I have carefully read it and understand the contents.  I am aware that this is a release of liability. If I am signing on behalf of a minor, I am giving the minor permission to participate in classes and events at Becky’s Mindful Kitchen.

Name: __________________________________________________________    Date: __________________

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