Keto/Paleo (low carb) and Gluten Free Baking Class


April 14th 1-3pm

Cost: $60/person 

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April 14th, 1-3pm 

Cost: $60/person 

Making diet changes can often leave you missing some of your favorite snacks and treats.  In this class I will show you how to make low carb and gluten free delicious recipes that will excite you about a new style of baking. Often buying low carb baked goods is not only very expensive but over processed.  We’ll tackle bagels, breads, scones, cookies and more.  Each recipe will have dozens of variations so that you can customize it to fit your tastes.  Come with a friend and enjoy an afternoon in the countryside with goats (including new babies), chickens and springtime greenery.  This class will be both hands on and demo.  All recipes will be gluten free but not dairy free.  Come with questions as well- I will do my best to give as many tips and advice as possible.