Kitchen Makeover- Dinner Edition



Price: $150/2 hrs

$25/additional person (spouses and children do not have to pay extra) 

If you are stuck in a cooking rut, or if the idea of hosting a dinner party for friends or family holidays causes stress- this is the class for you.  This is a private, in home class, where Becky comes to you for 2 hours of cooking and teaching.  There are many options including: 

Dinner Hacks: Becky will come to your home and using what you already have in your kitchen, create multiple new easy recipes that can be added to your weekly dinners.  Instead of having to change up your shopping routine, Becky will simply show you how to prepare and pair your produce and meat using new techniques, spices and herbs. You and Becky will talk ahead of the class about what you have stocked in your kitchen and foods that you enjoy to eat and cook.  

Break out of the Box: If you are ready to tackle ingredients, spices, cuisines or specific dishes that have intimidated you in the past, simply reach out to Becky and she will customize a menu and class with easy recipes that not only will be delicious but show you that you are are capable of mastering more in the kitchen than you ever thought before.  Trying new ingredients is never easy to do on your own, but in the comfort of your own kitchen, Becky will show you how easy it is to incorporate new recipes into your weekly meals. 

Dinner Party Prep: If you have always wanted to host a dinner party but are nervous about what to prepare or how to even start menu planning, Becky is here to help.  She will help you plan a menu and then teach you how to cook the recipes and time things out for a successful and fun night.  This can be anything from a casual meal with friends or entertaining work colleagues and guests.  Dinner parties are a great way to celebrate friendships and create new traditions.  

Family Holiday Meals: If the thought of hosting Thanksgiving gives you pause because of the cooking involved, Becky can help with that (she can’t do anything about individual family members however…). From turkey to stuffing to pies, she can help you customize meals to fit allergy restrictions, picky eaters and together you can create your own new recipe that will become a family favorite for years to come. While Becky can’t actually be there on the day to help, she will make sure you are completely prepared for the meal and have you ready with plans B and C just in case.  

Food/ingredients provided by participant unless arranged otherwise with Becky.  Becky will provide a detailed shopping list.  As every class is customized, there are endless options of how to handle food prep/shopping.