BMK Date Night Series: The power of storytelling & wood fired pizza- June 24th

Rethink Date Night

June 24th, 5:30-9pm (we’ll be wrapping up by 8:30 if you need to leave early)

Date Nights are a great way to reconnect with our partner over food and conversation. The BMK Date Night Series, takes it a step further by creating a mini retreat where you learn new and interesting ways to deepen your connection, create lasting change and discover new solutions to old problems.  

The Power of Storytelling

Date night starts with wood fired pizza and conversation with others around the treehouse and sneaking in time with the baby goats. Simply enjoying the opportunity to slow down and disconnect from the craziness of life. 

The theme of this date night is the power of storytelling. From the destructive stories we tell ourselves to the productive ones we share with others, understanding the power that stories have in our life and relationships will change how you move throughout your day. 

For those with children, this is one of the most important tools to use to build trust and a relationship where they can talk to you about their struggles including mental health. 

Humor is always a part of my presentations and you will have the opportunity to share your own stories as well.

The next date night will follow a similar format but will introduce the S.T.O.A framework that has proved to be invaluable for organizations and individuals in learning how to identify success, turn obstacles into opportunities and identify their anchor values. 


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