Eggplant Cheese Dip

Chipotle Eggplant Cheese Dip 1 medium eggplant (sliced 1/4 in thickness, roasted and peeled)2 cups whole milk (can substitute nondairy milk)1/3 cup nutritional yeast or 1/2 cup shredded cheese2 tsp cumin1/2 cup drained salsaHarvest Chipotle olive oil to taste (or use...

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Easy Custard

Easy Custard Great recipe for young kids to practice mixing and separating egg yolk from the white 4 egg yolks2 cups heavy cream6 T sugar or honeypinch of saltFlavor: amounts vary based on personal preference1 tsp vanilla and/or 1 vanilla beanA few tablespoons cocoa...

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Chorizo Ricotta Stuffed Peppers

Chorizo Ricotta Stuffed Peppers 3/4 cup homemade ricotta cheese (recipe available under dairy recipes or organic ricotta from grassed cows)1 cup organic sweet corn (cooked and cut off the cob1 cup chorizo- removed from casing and browned. Be picky about your pork and...

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Ice Cream Custard Base Recipe

Ice Cream Custard Base Recipe 5 egg yolks5 cups total of milk and cream (you choose combination of the two)1 cup sugarEasy variations: add to ice cream maker- 2-3tsp vanilla (or mint or butterscotch flavor…chocolate chunks, frozen fruit, salted caramel) In a sauce...

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Turmeric Milk

A household favorite and the perfect way to relax at the end of a long day as the snow starts to fall outside.

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Spelt Flour Cinnamon Rolls with Mascarpone Frosting

These cinnamon rolls use spelt flour with a mascarpone cheese frosting. They are easy, quick and delicious. Baking from scratch means that you control the ingredients and the ingredients consist of real foods not industrialized products. Go preheat that oven and start baking.

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Candied Walnuts with Lavender Ricotta & Figs

I am always looking for the perfect appetizer that can also double as a dessert after a heavy meal. These are bite size, easy to throw together and look and taste amazing. It is a sure to impress recipe and most importantly full of good, real ingredients.

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Homemade Ricotta Cheese

    Homemade Ricotta Cheese 6-7 cups whole milk from grass fed cows3 T white vinegar or lemon juiceUnrefined sea salt to tasteOptionalFresh herbsgarlicnutmeghoney Heat milk to just before boiling, around 190 degrees. Often I make ricotta cheese after burning...

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Homemade Mascarpone Cheese

Mascarpone Cheese 2 cups heavy cream from grass fed cows (I recommend Kalona Supernatural brand)1 T white vinegar or lemon juicecandy thermometer In a nonreactive pot heat the cream to about 190 degrees and stir in the 1T vinegar or lemon juice. Continue to stir for a...

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Mozzarella Cheese

Mozzarella Cheese 1 gallon whole milk (ideally: non homogenized, organic, from grass fed cows)1 to 1 1/2 tsp citric acid -dissolved in 1/2 -1 cup non-chlorinated water1/4 tablet rennet or 1/4tsp -dissolved in 1/4 cup non-chlorinated water1 - 1 1/2 tsp unrefined sea...

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Lavender Honey and Mint Whipped Cream with Fruit

Lavender Honey and Mint Whipped Cream and Fruit Glasses Heavy Whipping Cream from Grass Fed CowsFresh or defrosted frozen organic berriesFresh lavenderFresh MintRaw HoneyCocoa powder (optional)Peppermint extract (optional)Vanilla extract This dish is incredibly easy...

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Yogurt #2- Lactose Free

I have been making my own yogurt for quite awhile now and after doing more research on the benefits of fermented foods and running into more clients with lactose intolerance, I decided to start fermenting my yogurt for 24 hours.  The result is an almost lactose...

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My yogurt dilemma and perfect solution…make it myself!

I'm not a fan of extreme diets.  I have been told by some people that if I stopped eating dairy that my Type 1 diabetes would be cured.  Same goes for meat and gluten...and the list goes on and that post is for another day. But when people tell me to not eat dairy I...

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Easy Hot Cocoa with Honey and Whipped Cream

I don't feel bad about making this hot cocoa for my girls a few times a week or more during the winter.  With just a little raw honey for sugar and good whole milk for the cocoa and cream, this drink is a perfect way to end the day.  And it's easy enough for a 3 and 4...

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