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BMK “In the Arena” Series

February 29, 2020 @ 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm

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BMK “In the Arena” 

February 29th  2:30-5:00pm  Motherhood and Macarons 

Story Theme: The unspoken truths about being a Mom

Being a mom is hard.  We share so many of the same dark, shame filled experiences but with the increase of social media self righteous mom shamers, it can feel increasingly risky to reach out.  We are pressured to show that we are succeeding at conscious parenting, mindfulness, making sure we keep our kids safe- but not too safe because we don’t want to be helicopter moms- oh all while being your own person, wife, girlfriend…it is exhausting.  For this class, I am looking for mothers who are willing to share stories and experiences that impacted their views on what being “mom” really means.  These can be stories full of every possible emotion and can be funny, heartbreaking and full of passion.  This is a place to tell your story and have it be heard and respected.  

* My 4 year old is watching youtube videos of animal poop as I’m typing this.  She also snuck her bag of Halloween candy onto the couch with her and I’m pretending not to notice because she is being quiet and I want to get this typed instead of deal with fighting a child on candy.  

Food: French Macarons: they are fickle, time consuming to make, simple yet complex and there are countless known ways to screw them up and then sometimes they fail for seemingly no reason at all.  However, the ones we see are gorgeous, adorable, french perfection in your mouth. We don’t see the cracked shells and failed batches.  French Macarons are the equivalent of motherhood on Facebook.  So let’s make some and see what happens! There will be other snacks and treats as well.  *Macarons are gluten free as well.  


February 29, 2020
2:30 pm - 5:00 pm
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