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BMK Kid Cooking Academy 2019/2020-Junior Advanced & Advanced Level

December 15, 2019 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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September 2019-May 2020  

Each class is from 2pm-5pm, two Sundays per month, on the following dates: 

September: 8th, 22nd          October: 6th, 20th           November 3rd, 17th 

December 8th, 15th             January 5th, 19th            February 2nd, 16th 

March 8th, 22nd                   April 5th, 19th                  May  3rd, 10th- Parent’s Dinner 3-6ishpm ( Kids cook from 3-5pm) 

Cost is $150/month and that covers all expenses- there are no additional fees. There will be guest instructors throughout the year who will be teaching other life skills and fun creative skills like holiday crafts and painting that will be optional during breaks while dishes are baking.  There will be various opportunities for parents to join for the regular Nailed It and Chopped competitions and observe the kids.  You will also have the option of early sign up for summer camps and other classes. 


New this year is the opportunity for kids to work on developing their cooking skills over the course of nine months ending with a dinner showcase for their parents featuring a multi course menu created featuring recipes that they have created themselves.  Each month will focus on a mastering a different skill, ranging from knife skills to spice/herb pairings and pastry skills.  Starting in January, each group will start developing their signature dish for their spring showcase.  Their dish will highlight new skills and their endless creativity with spice pairings from different ethnic cuisines. They will work on perfecting their recipe through creative problem solving, out of the box thinking, and good old fashion trial and error with a large emphasis on not letting a failed dish be perceived as a failure but instead as an opportunity to discover something new and improve.  Studies are showing that kids are struggling to solve problems on their own and take risks due to fear of failure.  BMK provides a safe space for kids to do just that and be praised not for following a recipe perfectly but for showing respect and working as a team.  With music playing, laughter encouraged, BMK Kid Cooking Academy aims to provide a few hours twice a month for kids to find a lifetime joy in cooking.  The goats and chickens and ever growing fairy forest will provide outdoor fun in nature as long as weather allows!  

This session is for intermediate/advanced chefs. Average age will be 9-16, but as age does not determine skill in the kitchen, please feel free to contact me with any questions about which session is best for your young chef.  This session is for kids who are independent in the kitchen and wish to advanced their cooking and baking skills and most importantly gain confidence in their ability to work beyond recipes.  We will be covering baking and main dish and side dish recipe development and have guest chefs throughout the year as well. 

I won’t be offering after school classes this year as I hope having longer weekend classes will allow parents more flexibility in their schedule.  Parents are always welcome to stay and enjoy the coffee and tea bar and 3 season porch and outdoor seating during class time if that makes it easier transportation wise.  If you plan on staying during the class, I just ask that you don’t arrive early so that other parents have room to drop kids off, and then you are welcome to park along the circle for easy exit post class. Also- as a parent, I know that feeling of being stressed if you are running late, either for drop off or pick up- please don’t ever worry about rushing when it comes to BMK classes.  There are no consequences for late arrival nor will you be charged extra if you are running late.  Life happens, I completely understand. 

The Fine Print: Because class size is limited and this is a team oriented academy, I do ask that kids commit to the entire 9 months of the session so that it is fair to all who are showing up and working hard.  If there is a medical or financial reason for needing to terminate the session early, please reach out to me.  It is not my intention to ever have BMK be a hardship on your family, so please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.  Payment is set up as an auto withdrawal monthly to keep things as simple as possible and one less thing to remember to do each month- it will auto withdrawal monthly for 8 months following the initial payment.  This does mean that payments start when you register so registration in July means that your payments will end in March even though classes continue through May.  The membership program to the Kid Cooking Academy is set up so that it expires after the 9th month so you do not have to worry about canceling the membership at the end of the school year. 


December 15, 2019
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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