“Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness.” – Seneca

Extinguish Burnout and Reignite Purpose

Compassion in Action: How to start living life instead of just passing time.

Available as a 90min workshop on burnout or a  4hr (can be split into 2 sessions) workshop on burnout and identifying purpose, and the STOA strategic planning exercise for success, values and identifying obstacles. 

Coffee, tea and treats provided. Along with time with the BMK goats and exploring the timber and treehouse.

Empathy Drains, Compassion Energizes

Kind vs Nice

Many issues in the workplace stem from people being nice, not kind. Niceness is self focused, while kindness is other focused.


The STOA Process: I have developed a framework for identifying what Success means to both individuals, teams and the organization as a whole. The Targets needed to reach to achieve Success. How to identify and turn Obstacles as Opportunities. And defining the values that Anchor all that you do- putting values into action.

Empathy Burnout not Compassion Burnout

Empathy alone will leave us feeling exhausted. Compassion makes us feel good, and it does good too. Leaning into burnout, not away, allows us a path forward.

Compassionate Leadership

Authority Dictates Power Influences Leadership Inspires If you want more kindness, positivity, and good things from others- call it out when you see it.

Learn the 3 step framework for creating the habit that will change how you see the world.

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