Free Mindful Girls Workshop- Dec. 11th

Free Mindful Girls Group

December 11th 4-5:30pmCT

This workshop is for girls around 10-14 years old, but older teens are more than welcome to join as they will benefit from what is being shared and will be able to share their own advice to younger girls. 

The issues facing girls do differ from those that boys deal with and I wanted to spend this time talking with girls in a way that they probably haven’t been before, talking with not at them about the topics and issues they face on a daily basis. 

We’ll talk about shame, anxiety, body image, bullying, and the pressure to be perfect.  We’ll discuss why defaulting to saying “I’m sorry” will end up hurting, not helping them and why asking for help is never a sign of weakness. 

This will be interactive with girls being able to ask questions and bring up the problems they are facing.  

I am not a mental health professional and will not be providing therapy or counseling in this group, but instead offer the girls tools to empower them to be self driven and grounded in confidence as they move throughout their day.  

We’ll cover practical mindfulness techniques and ways of dealing with emotions and obstacles that occur throughout the day. 

This will not be live-streamed onto FB or recorded.  Please share with others no matter where they live so we can create a really neat space where girls can see they are not alone, it is not just them and we are more alike than not.  This is a zero judgment workshop, disrespect will not be allowed.  

My FB page is a great place to get an idea of my approach to mindfulness. 

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