Free Mindful Leader Workshop Giveaway

Free Mindful Leader Workshop Giveaway

Not all businesses, organizations or private groups have room in their budgets for my workshops and this holiday season, instead of a free gift shop, I am giving away a free virtual leadership workshop. I take the approach of a consultant, customizing the workshop to address the needs of your group.  This can be a workshop for your entire organizations, executives only, HR, managerial level- we will discuss the best approach for you.  

In your email, please include why you would feel your organization needs this workshop, and I will select the recipient by December 20th. Workshop will be scheduled in January 2022.

The Mindful Leader: Blending Stoic Concepts with Modern Mindfulness to Create a Practical Guide for Leading with Integrity. 

Leadership is a critical skill in all areas of life, for the individual and for those leading a team- we all face moments of leadership each and every day.  

Concepts Covered: 

Viewing obstacles as opportunities. Using failure as fuel, stumbling blocks as stepping stones. 

 Identifying what is actually in one’s control.

Goal setting: Process Over Outcome.  

The Importance of Vulnerability in building Credibility as a leader. 

Putting values into action and aligning actions with values in order to live a purposeful life. 

Mental Health in the workplace- I take a different approach when talking about mental health than most.  I teach the importance of allowing humor with vulnerability, removing shame and demonstrating how powerful the impact of normalizing anxiety and fear can be. 

While this workshop giveaway is a virtual one, I do offer onsite workshops as well.  Onsite workshops can include hands-on activities such as archery, trauma first aid skills, fire starting, and team building challenges in the timber- igniting the power of creativity, play and fun.  In the colder months, we use cooking to have fun with these concepts. Confidence is built, Ego is assumed- in these activities we discard the ego and provide opportunities for confidence to grow.  The fairy tale inspired treehouse provides a magical setting for the workshop where one can disconnect from technology and truly engage in the moment.  

This series can be customized to fit the needs of teams/businesses- as part of a consulting package where upon identifying the needs of your group, the topics covered and exercises developed are tailored to provide the most impact for those involved.

Currently available for: 

~Junior Workshop (ages 10 and up) Youth sports teams and coaches, schools (classrooms/grade levels), friend groups and more.  Open to the public workshops will resume online this winter and in person this spring and summer. CPR certification will be included in the teen program. 

~College level sports teams and coaches

~Businesses of all sizes 

~Sales Teams 

~Corporate Level Executives 

~Department Leaders


~ Entrepreneurs 

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