Free Teen Mindful Leadership Workshop- Dec. 28th

Free Online Mindful Leader Workshop- Ages 13-18yrs old

December 28th 3-4:30pm CT

  This workshop will tackle topics such as suicide, eating disorders, anxiety, and swear words may be uttered.  So, if you have a kid who is 12 and you think would benefit, and you are okay with them being exposed to these things- please know that I do not check birthdates and I trust you as the parent to know if they should attend or not.  

This online workshop is focused on addressing the pressures teenagers face when it comes to mental health, social and academic expectations and how easy it is to lose touch with their own sense of self. 

Leadership starts with an individual having the confidence to do what is right, even when it is hard.  To lean into vulnerability and accountability instead of passing on blame and hiding behind a curated image.  Leadership is not regulated to just the team captain, the star student, the class president.  Every time one makes a decision, they are acting as a leader. 

While I love working with organizations and businesses, getting to work with teens is something that is truly special to me.  Teens are struggling now more than ever to find solid footing when it comes to being their own person, feeling empowered by their failures and recognizing that a good life is not about getting a good grade, winning championships, going to a good college or getting a good job- all of those ‘goods’ are ultimately outside of their control and to define success by those standards will not lead to happiness. 

I talk with teens about mental health in a way that it is not addressed in the schools, I do not talk around the subject but call it out and talk to them as adults, not kids. The way we have handled addressing mental health with kids and teens has not been working, and while many are uncomfortable discussing things such as depression, suicide, anxiety and eating disorders with teens, here at BMK we talk about these things without the interference of shame.  I am not a mental health professional and speak from lived experience and teach what has worked for myself and others.  

This workshop will touch on the topics covered in detail in my full onsite/online workshops which are available to book for private groups this winter. 

*Asking for help and how to communicate and recognize where you are at when it comes to being overwhelmed. 

*Viewing obstacles as opportunities

* Identifying what is actually in one’s control, 

*Goal setting: Process Over Outcome 

*Putting values into action and aligning actions with values in order to live a purposeful life. 

Register on zoom and please help spread the word by sharing with other parents, sports teams, organizations, etc.  This is absolutely free and a great way to have teens from across the country get to see that they are not alone in wanting to take on new challenges! These will not be live-streamed to FB so you must attend live as there will not be a recording.  

My FB page is a great place to get an idea of my teaching concepts and approach to mindfulness.  You can follow/like the page HERE or find me on instagram @beckysmindfulkitchen. 

Register: CLICK HERE

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