Free Mindful Parenting Workshop- Dec. 30th

Free Online Mindful Parenting Workshop

December 30th, 2-3:30pm CT

Pour a glass of wine, brew some coffee or simply sit down for the first time all day- and treat yourself to 90min of multiple “oh thank god it’s not just me” moments as we talk about real life parenting- the parenting moments we don’t show on social media. 

Mindful Parenting can feel abstract and unattainable. In my workshops, I focus on practical and sustainable techniques and approaches to parenting that can be easily customized to fit the needs of your family. 

I discuss ways of talking to your kids about their emotions and most importantly how to communicate to them where you are at with your emotions. We discuss new ways of encouraging our kids to be self motivated and discuss why reward systems may not benefit your child in the long run. 

We’ll tackle parenting obstacles from toddler to teenager and I encourage parents of older kids to always offer their own advice in the chat. 

I don’t teach these workshops as an expert but as a mom who has spent the last 11 years failing and learning, and combing ancient wisdom with modern science to create foundations that each family can build upon. 

Come ready with questions as I will get through as many as possible. This workshop is interactive but you also are welcome to simply sit back and listen! 

I do my best to apply my answers to all age groups, this workshop is not age specific but I do offer private workshops for those interested in a customized experience. 

This will not be live-streamed on my FB page nor will it be recorded.  You can get an idea of my approach to parenting by following/liking my FB page where I post daily! 

To attend, register on zoom HERE

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