Free Online Sauce Making Class- Jan. 14th

Free Online Sauce Making Class

January 14th, 5:30-6:30pm CT 

Oh sauces… with so many options available in a jar, it may seem silly to make your own… until you do and taste the difference! 

The 2 sauces we’ll be making are quick, easy and versatile.  Having the basics down will allow you to customize them for just about any dish you want to make! 

We’ll tackle:

White sauce: The ratio to start is 2T flour (can be GF) and 2T Butter (can use DF alternative), 1 cup of whole milk, half&half or cream or DF alternative, salt and pepper.  Now, this is the fun part, you can add herbs, cheeses, onions, spices.  You can make a thinner version by using 1T:1T and 1 cup of milk or thicker by using 3T:3T.  The best part about this sauce is no recipe is needed.  You keep the ratio of butter and flour the same, adjust the cream and cheese accordingly and just have fun.  Mac and Cheese night is about to get a lot more fun! 

Easy Red Sauce: Okay, first of all, my Italian brothers and sisters, don’t come after me, I know this isn’t traditional, but it’s quick and easy and delicious.  For my red sauces that you enjoy onsite here during pizza nights, they have cooked for 3 days.  This is a quick version.  

There is no recipe because you will be creating your very own recipe.  You can grab some cans of tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, depending on if you want a smooth sauce or chunky.  You can grab a can of whole tomatoes and then use the immersion blender to puree it and add in tomato paste to thicken it.  Totally your choice.  How many cans? Depends on how much you want to make- you can easily freeze this sauce so I usually make a large batch.  You can have an onion and fresh garlic available or skip that step all together. Then you will need spices and herbs: good ones to have on hand- garlic, Italian herb blend, basil, thyme, oregano, red pepper, I will often add fennel and/or rosemary depending on the direction of the dish.   I’ll be using dried herbs and of course salt.  I’ll show you how I go about seasoning my sauce, the ratio of herbs I use, the order, etc.  If you have never made your own sauce for pasta or pizza- I hope you join me and discover how easy it is!  

These classes are 100% free and are taught on zoom but live streamed to my FB page where you can view the class on demand as well.  Make sure to follow/like the page and share this with those in your community and beyond!  

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