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Blending Stoic Philosophy with Modern Mindfulness, to Create a Practical Guide for Leading with Integrity.

Mindful Leadership Consulting

“Something doesn’t have to be broken, to be breaking.” 

Leadership is essential for all organizations.  Good leadership, however, is an invaluable investment that all great organizations have made and continue to make to ensure success and growth. 

Those who have the wisdom to recognize that something doesn’t have to be broken, to be breaking, and set ego aside to ask for help, will succeed where others will fail.  The Emperor of Rome, Marcus Aurelius said,  “Don’t be ashamed of needing help. You have a duty to fulfill just like a soldier on the wall of battle. So what if you are injured and can’t climb up without another soldier’s help?” 

After spending over a decade  studying, writing and running workshops focused leadership, mindfulness and Stoic philosophy, and applying it to my own business, I began to get requests from local organizations to create custom workshops to fit their unique set of problems. 

To best serve the needs to those businesses, I partnered with my husband Bill to be able to offer a refreshing approach to solving the problems of ineffective leadership, communication and organizational culture. 

Bill’s experience as a former flight instructor and currently as a fire lieutenant and fire chief with 15 years of recruitment and retention and HR experience, along with a masters in Organizational Leadership, allows him to create evaluations, analysis, lead strategic planning and review policies all with the goal of streamlining processes and identify areas of inefficiency and waste.  

The power and benefit of mindfulness in the workplace is indisputable but it rarely moves from being talked about to being acted upon.  We take a practical and sustainable approach to introducing mindfulness- using it to solve current problems and prevent future ones.

We will identify and work with leaders at all levels in the organizations, teaching them how to communicate and empower those around them. 

Mental health and the stigma around talking about anxiety, worry, fear and depression is only hurting organizations.  Those who want to succeed need to allow for vulnerability and failure.  How to do that with intention is important and that is what we are here for.

If you are looking for an outdated but comfortable approach to leadership development and consulting, we aren’t for you. 

If you understand that discomfort is where growth happens that the ability to adapt is key to not just surviving but thriving, our approach is exactly what you are looking for. 

After working with various organizations, we identified Recruitment and Retention as being a new and pressing issue for many organizations. 

With more employees working remotely than ever before, leaders are faced with having to create connection over virtual platforms while also managing onsite employee interactions.  

The stress of being understaffed can have a ripple effect on both the mental health of the individuals and the organization as a whole.  

We look at what you can offer as incentives, not what you can’t, focusing on competing with yourself to make your organization the obvious choice for those you want to hire. 

With 15 years of experience in recruitment and retention in the fire service, Bill offers a unique approach to solving the issues you face. 

We will go over your interviewing hiring process, creating a custom approach so that you attract those best fit for your needs.

Currently we offer onsite and virtual consulting and travel if needed. 

We customize packages based on your needs, from a 2 hour workshop, full day workshops to a 6 month contract, our focus is on making sure your needs are met with efficiency and efficacy.

Organizations and Businesses of all sizes are facing new challenges as the world reopens while still navigating the ongoing impacts of Covid and are discovering that many approaches to leadership and organizational health are outdated and ineffective.  There is no one size fits all for businesses.  

 Your business needs to be working for you, not against you, so let us create solutions tailored to your specific needs. Your initial consultation is free, so contact us now to set up a meeting.  

We take confidentiality seriously and understand that hiring a consultant can feel  vulnerable and scary, and it is also courageous and brave.   We work with companies that are struggling to keep going to those who simply want to go from good to great- regardless of your reason, we are here for you and will not betray your trust.  

 The kitchen is more than a place to cook and as most executives know, it is over meals that many deals are brokered. Never underestimate the power of a well run kitchen. 

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where people gather to share, to learn and to connect.  The kitchen must be able to handle the emotional highs and lows of life while still running efficiently.

There are kitchens with top of the line equipment that is never used, that look magazine photo ready at all times, but when you take a moment to truly look around, you realize no one actually cooks or spends time in the kitchen.  There is no knowledge of how to blend flavors, use ingredients or the work required to make the final product sitting in their fridge.  In these kitchens, no one is encouraged to try new things, to make a mess, to actually use the tools in front of them.  The perception of perfection in the outcome matters more than the invaluable discoveries made in the process. 

Then there are other kitchens that cluttered with never ending dirty dishes and things that simply do not belong in a kitchen.  No one seems to know what the plan is, and every meal is thrown together with fingers crossed that it is edible.  It is in these kitchens that no one knows their role, their responsibilities or purpose.  The individuals and the culture may be great, but there is lack of leadership or direction.  

And then you have a kitchen that within moments of being in the space, you feel right at home.  It makes sense how it is organized, it has what it needs to make meals, and when things don’t go as planned, calm, not chaos, steps up to lead. There is value placed in preparation, in doing things right, not rushing the process to get a faster but inferior result. In this kitchen, leaders recognize that mistakes are inevitable, and learning from them and even using them to one’s advantage is more valuable than any negative consequence from them. 

Which kitchen is your business? 

I have spent 8 years teaching kids and adults  the importances of being able to turn perceived failures into new creations by understanding the role of each ingredient and how to use them to achieve a desired result event if it wasn’t the expected result.  Failing successfully is how most of our favorite dishes came about.  

I have created my own practical approach to mindful leadership by blending Stoicism, modern behavior psychology, neuroscience and the lessons learned from my own lived experience.

I don’t believe in complicated recipes.  I tell everyone who walks into my kitchen the same thing I tell those who invite me into their business, my goal is that at the end of my time with you, you leave thinking “that is so easy, I can’t believe I just paid to learn that.”  


Because then I know that I have done my job. I have left you feeling confident that what you learned is not beyond your skills or ability, but has been inside you all along.  It means that you will continue to use it, that it will be sustainable.  

I have zero interest in teaching you something you do when I’m with you and feels really impressive but you never repeat on your own.  I’m not here to teach you a fancy dish for the dinner party you’ll never host, I’m here to teach you how to make your daily meal taste incredible. 



The Mindful Leadership Workshop

Leadership is a critical skill in all areas of life, for the individual and for those leading a team- we all face moments of leadership each and every day.  This workshop is available as part of your consulting package or as leadership development training. 

Concepts Covered: 

Viewing obstacles as opportunities. Using failure as fuel, stumbling blocks as stepping stones. 

 Identifying what is actually in one’s control.

Goal setting: Process Over Outcome.  

The Importance of Vulnerability in building Credibility as a leader. 

Putting values into action and aligning actions with values in order to live a purposeful life. 

Mental Health in the workplace– I take a different approach when talking about mental health than most.  I teach the importance of allowing humor with vulnerability, removing shame and demonstrating how powerful the impact of normalizing anxiety and fear can be. 

Onsite workshops are also taught by my consulting partner and husband, Bill, who contributes over 15 years of leadership as a fire officer and flight instructor.  This workshop can include hands-on activities such as cooking, archery, trauma first aid skills, fire starting, and team building challenges in the timber- igniting the power of creativity, play and fun.  Confidence is built, Ego is assumed- in these activities we discard the ego and provide opportunities for confidence to grow.  The fairy tale inspired treehouse provides a magical setting for the workshop where one can disconnect from technology and truly engage in the moment.  We end the workshop with wood fired pizza and homemade gelato.  

Workshops vary in length and style depending on the needs of your organization.  


Currently available for: 

~Junior Workshop (ages 10 and up) Youth sports teams and coaches, schools (classrooms/grade levels), friend groups and more.  Open to the public workshops will resume online this winter and in person this spring and summer. CPR certification will be included in the teen program. 

~College level sports teams and coaches

~Businesses of all sizes 

~Sales Teams 

~Corporate Level Executives 

~Department Leaders


~ Entrepreneurs 

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