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2021 Summer Camp Themes

Below are the themes for the 2021 Kids Camps! All 3 day camps are 9am-12pm. They are organized by month for your convenience. **All ages listed are not set-in-stone, so please just use common sense based on your own child! Virtual Camps will be added in April.  

Register for camps at the bottom of this page. (NEW: You can pay via Venmo as well- select the pay with cash option at check out.  My new business Venmo is @beckysmindfulkitchen) 

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June Camps

Farm Fun! 

Dates: June 7-9th (ages 5-7), June 14-16th (ages 8-11) 

August 9-11th (ages 5 and up. )

Price: $200 per kid 9am-12pm 

BONUS: Farm and First Aid Camp: June 18th 9am-4pm $200/kid (this camp is listed separately at the bottom this page)

 On one of the two outdoor days, you are welcome to arrive 30 minutes early with younger siblings so they can play and you can take photos with the animals.  The kids will also learn the hard work of caring for animals, having to help clean out the stalls, fill waters and do all things farm (this is how I keep them from bugging you to get goats/chickens!). We’ll head up to the BMK garden and check on how the vegetables are growing and they will plant their own herbs to take home and grow! With lots of play time in the woods and treehouse plus a day of cooking, this camp is packed full of fun and the ideal way to start off the summer!

Jewelry Making, Farm, and Nailed It!

Dates: June 21-23rd (ages 7-9), June 28-30th (ages 9-13)
Price: $200 per kid 9am-12pm
 UPDATED: For those wanting a bit of everything- this camp is the one! I have added a farm day to the week! 

I am SO excited to have the most talented cookie decorator in the region (I think country) providing the cookies for the Nailed It! Competition camps this summer! The kids will have to make, bake and decorate during their kitchen day. During the other days we will be making jewelry with local artisan Paige VanCleave with Charli Dean Designs! And if you think this is just for girls- think again- boys are artists and they will get to make jewelry for themselves or as gifts for mom! 

July Camps

Theatre and Jewelry Making Camp

 Dates: July 5-7th (ages 8-11) 9am-12pm, July 23rd 9am-4pm (Single Day Workshop; ages 11 & up)

Price: $200 per kid

Nature is truly the best setting for theatre camp! We will be spending our 2 days outside of the kitchen having fun with theatre exercises both with scripts and improv! It is a safe space where kids are encouraged to take risks and we give encouraging feedback.  Mad libs theatre will be back as well so kids will have a chance to help create scripts.  We will provide Covid safe options for kids to perform without masks outside too. If your kiddo loves the stage, this is the camp for them. We skip the silly stereotypical games that just waste time and go right at activities that will help your kids be more comfortable and confident not just on stage but speaking in class and interacting with others! 

NEW: jewelry making has been added with Paige from Charli Dean Designs coming back to both sessions!

This Camp is on Fire!

Dates: July 12-14th (ages 9-14ish) 
NEW August 2-4th- INCLUDES Archery (kids will get the chance to spend time at the new archery range in between working on fire starting)
Price: $200 per kid 9am-12pm
This camp is all about fire! Kids will be making their own wood fired pizza from scratch. From the dough to the sauce to selecting their perfect cheese combos- your kids will create pizzas that rival any restaurant. And don’t worry- they will bring some home too! My husband, BMK’s resident firefighter, will be jumping in to teach kids how to start campfires safely, how to safely use different knives, and hatchets PLUS how to use a fire extinguisher! Kids will get hands on experience using real fire extinguishers, which to me is priceless. Kids will get to learn some basic first aid skills as well! This camp is not one to miss! Kids will be using knives and be around fire- so please make sure you understand the risks involved- we teach safety first but knives are sharp and fire hot.

Nature Drawing and Creative Writing

Dates: July 19-21st (ages 10 & up)
Price: $200 per kid 9am-12pm
I am so excited to have a very talented artist with a truly spectacular name, as a guest instructor this week! Becky Popelka, owner of Big Picture Gallery and Studio in North Liberty. Becky is not only a wonderful artist but also a kind and gracious instructor. I will be leading the creative writing part of the camp- using both fun writing prompts and games along with providing space for poetry and introspective writing. Kids will not have to share their writing if they don’t want to, I very much respect privacy with writing. Kids will have plenty of time to play with goats and chickens as well!

August Camps

Debate/Social Media Safety 

**This camp will be rescheduled as either a single day camp or virtual camp to allow kids from around the globe to join. I hope to have a new date up by mid April.  

If your kid likes to argue, this is the camp for them. However- arguing vs debate are very different things here. Being able to engage in respectful discourse is a skill that will benefit your child for their entire life. We will discuss how to engage on social media respectfully (an adult class on this may be next) along with in person and on text messaging. Kids will be given a topic and a side to debate. However, the goal is not only to present a valid argument, but ALSO to find common ground with the person on the other side of the topic. We will practice different real life scenarios where having the skills of respectful discourse can have an impact along with working on public speaking skills. We will discuss how our own anxiety and fear impacts how we interact with others. Empathy will be a word your kids will come home talking about along with integrity and the power of vulnerability. This camp is special to me as BMK transitions to teaching this topic on a larger stage. We will have a lot of fun, laugh a lot, while also becoming better citizens of the world. Kids will have plenty of time to play with goats and chickens as well!

Advanced Baking Workshop

Date: August 13th 9am-4pm (ages 12 & up)
Price: $200 per kid 
This is for those who truly love to bake and who want to tackle new skills and techniques. We will be having a lot of fun while also pushing ourselves as bakers. This is an opportunity for teens to spend a day with others who love to bake and are serious about it. If your child loves to watch cooking shows and wants to be challenged in the kitchen, this is the workshop for them. They need to be able to independently work in the kitchen and read recipes. We will most likely tackle french macarons so there will be almond flour used as an allergy warning. Kids need breaks so while dough is rising they will get to be outside with the animals, treehouse and adventure playground. Kids will be in charge of keeping their station clean and in order because if they want to bake at home, my rule is they must always clean up their messes!
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