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I am a long distance runner, not a sprinter. I take the same approach with my relationship with those I speak with- my desire motivate is based in creating long lasting connection and inspiration that extends long after I leave the stage. Both onsite and virtual events are available.

I speak WITH, not TO, groups on the topics below or can create a custom workshop or event to fit your needs.

Building trust in teams, with clients and in the home, often starts with owning our story.

From increasing sales, to leadership, to efficient communication within organizations- the power of being able to tell your story (with proper speed, inflection and tone), know your purpose and be confident in vulnerability is immeasurable.

Shame and anxiety often forces us away from showing up authentically and being vulnerable.  I believe in removing the power from shame and befriend anxiety, creating the space for productive conversations and efficient communication.

I bring humor to all events, share my story and help others practice sharing their own.  

There are no shortcuts to resilience and no amount of money can purchase it, as reliance is truly priceless. 

One’s ability to see failure as opportunity can lead to even bigger successes. The more resilient someone is the better equipped they are to handle failure- both personal or professional.  

True leadership is creating an environment where vulnerability is encouraged and resilience is honored and mental health supported.  Resilience is forged or shattered in suffering.  I empower executives and leaders, see the value of owning their story and cultivating a workplace where mindfulness surrounding mental health moves beyond words and into action. 

Starting this fall I will be offering a mindfulness group for kids (different age groups).  We will be talking about emotions, bullying, pressure of perfection, social media issues and more.  

Emotional intelligence and mindfulness are invaluable skills that children need to learn. 

 I also am making it a priority to go into the schools and talk with teachers, students and staff about how we need to change the way we talk about and handle mental health at school.  

Contact me about coming to your school either virtually or in person in the fall of 2021. 

Creating spaces both onsite and virtually for moms to gather and share their stories without shame or judgment is one of the first things I did with BMK and has a special place in my heart.

Private groups and organizations can come have a mom retreat onsite or invite me to speak virtually and facilitate the conversations that moms need to be having but often don’t feel safe to do so.

Being a mom is hard, often full of judgment, shame and feelings of not being enough. I address the big taboos that most stay away from, calling the shame out by name and making every mom realize that she is not alone, and that she very much is- enough.  

 Plenty of laughter is guaranteed and no apologizing for crying is allowed.  I welcome all the emotions and each has a place at the table.  

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