Advanced Baking Competition Camp 2019


August 12-14th 2019

Ages 9 and older (average ages 11-15yrs) 

Monday-Wednesday, 9am-4pm (drop off starts at 8:45 and pick up ends at 4:15) 

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August 12-14th 2019 

Ages 8 and older (average ages 11-15yrs) 

Monday-Wednesday, 9am-4pm (drop off starts at 8:45 and pick up ends at 4:15) 

Early drop off and late pick up are available, contact Becky directly to work out details and for additional fee. 

A Note From Becky, 

Welcome to Summer 2019 Camps!  This will be a special summer for me and one I will always remember just as last summer was bittersweet as it was our last summer cooking at BMK 1.0.  However, this year we all can settle into the new location together and embrace the positive new changes.  Along with much more land, we have added a separate commercial teaching kitchen, 3 season eating room, game/nature craft room and an ongoing working trail system with fairy houses and art installations created by local artists and kids in the full day camps this year.  There is a living art mural that kids can add to and watch change as I post pictures week to week.  We are now next to a gorgeous hay field and the same talented stone mason that created the pizza oven last year will work on the new one hopefully start working on the new one soon.  If you are an artist and would help with the growth of our art walk, please contact me! I have greatly missed your young chefs during this year while we built our new home and kitchen but your kind words and loyalty to the mission I hold so dear has been incredibly motivating.  I thank you for your patience as I cannot predict the future as far as what June will look like as it is January that I type this, but year to year BMK 2.0 will settle in and soon always feel like home.  

There will be a place for your child to keep a pair of clean shoes during the week for work in the kitchen and another pair of shoes for playing outside.  This helps keep our cooking space clean.  You may also send your child with a bag of rain gear or extra clothes if they tend to find mud wherever it is.  

Those who attended camp last year will appreciate the following note on pick up and drop off…. we now have a 400ft, 20ft wide driveway and turn around for easy drop off and pick up along with designated parking spots.  I ask just that you be mindful not to park on the road at any time or block the access to the driveway to the house at the top of the hill. There is a wager now between my new neighbor and myself as to if his driveway will be blocked or road parked on this summer and I have complete confidence in you all that we can make sure that I prove him wrong.  🙂  The entrance to the kitchen is clearly marked by the exterior mural wall on the west side of the house and the path that leads between the mural and the fence for the goats and chickens.  I will be out front the first day for drop off but after that they are welcome come down the path on their own.  `

Advanced Baking 

This camp is for those who are truly independent in the kitchen and especially for those who love watching The Great British Baking Show.  The camp is based on that show and taking advantage of the full day to properly mimic the time needed and allowed for the bakes seen on the show.  There will be a technical challenge every morning followed by a signature bake and on Wednesday a show stopper.  This camp is greatly limited in size as kids will be working individually and have their own station in the kitchen.  They must come prepared each day with the ingredients needed to create their signature bake and show stopper. Feel free to contact me prior to make sure I have the equipment needed for your child’s bake. I recommend watching the show prior to the camp as well.  I will have outside judges come at the end and parents are welcome to come and judge and taste as well.  There will be down time as on the show where the kids can play outside or in the game room or study cooking books/prep for future challenge.  Bring your recipes with you for your signature bake but you cannot use your phone to look things up during the actual bake time.  

Camp Bake Schedule (check back in May for Final line up) 

Monday: European Cookies

Tuesday: Breads (can be quick or yeasted, savory or sweet) 

Wednesday: Chocolate ( your show stopper must highlight chocolate) 

See waiver on other camp pages if not already read.