Advanced Baking Workshop


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August 13 (Single Day Workshop; around ages 12 & up)

This is for those who truly love to bake and who want to tackle new skills and techniques.  We will be having a lot of fun while also pushing ourselves as bakers.  This is an opportunity for teens to spend a day with others who love to bake and are serious about it.  If your child loves to watch cooking shows and wants to be challenged in the kitchen, this is the workshop for them.  They need to be able to independently work in the kitchen and read recipes.  We will most likely tackle french macarons so there will be almond flour used as an allergy warning. Kids need breaks so while dough is rising they will get to be outside with the animals, treehouse and adventure playground.  Kids will be in charge of keeping their station clean and in order because if they want to bake at home, my rule is they must always clean up their messes!

All must read the COVID safety rules, Camp Waiver, and Cancellation Policy before purchasing!!!!

**All ages listed are not set-in-stone, so please just use common sense based on your own child!

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