Beginner and Intermediate American Classics Cooking Camp


July 1-3rd 2019

Ages 5 and older (average ages 5-12yrs) 

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July 1-3rd 2019

Ages 5 and older (average ages 5-12yrs) 

Monday-Wednesday, 9am-12pm (drop off starts at 8:45 and pick up ends at 12:15) 

Cost $150

Early drop off and late pick up are available, contact Becky directly to work out details and for additional fee. 

A Note From Becky, 

Welcome to Summer 2019 Camps!  This will be a special summer for me and one I will always remember just as last summer was bittersweet as it was our last summer cooking at BMK 1.0.  However, this year we all can settle into the new location together and embrace the positive new changes.  Along with much more land, we have added a separate commercial teaching kitchen, 3 season eating room, game/nature craft room and an ongoing working trail system with fairy houses and art installations created by local artists and kids in the full day camps this year.  There is a living art mural that kids can add to and watch change as I post pictures week to week.  We are now next to a gorgeous hay field and the same talented stone mason that created the pizza oven last year will work on the new one hopefully start working on the new one soon.  If you are an artist and would help with the growth of our art walk, please contact me! I have greatly missed your young chefs during this year while we built our new home and kitchen but your kind words and loyalty to the mission I hold so dear has been incredibly motivating.  I thank you for your patience as I cannot predict the future as far as what June will look like as it is January that I type this, but year to year BMK 2.0 will settle in and soon always feel like home.  

There will be a place for your child to keep a pair of clean shoes during the week for work in the kitchen and another pair of shoes for playing outside.  This helps keep our cooking space clean.  You may also send your child with a bag of rain gear or extra clothes if they tend to find mud wherever it is.  

Those who attended camp last year will appreciate the following note on pick up and drop off…. we now have a 400ft, 20ft wide driveway and turn around for easy drop off and pick up along with designated parking spots.  I ask just that you be mindful not to park on the road at any time or block the access to the driveway to the house at the top of the hill. There is a wager now between my new neighbor and myself as to if his driveway will be blocked or road parked on this summer and I have complete confidence in you all that we can make sure that I prove him wrong.  đź™‚  The entrance to the kitchen is clearly marked by the exterior mural wall on the west side of the house and the path that leads between the mural and the fence for the goats and chickens.  I will be out front the first day for drop off but after that they are welcome come down the path on their own.  `

Americana Cooking Camp

This camp will cover some classic Americana dishes and will be appropriate for both intermediate and beginners.  Throughout the week we will cover favorite appetizers, main dishes and desserts so that your young chef will be all set to go for whatever you are doing for your celebrations on the 4th! We will cover recipe reading, measurements, basic skills and work in teams to compete in fun creative challenges.  We’ll celebrate the tradition of farming by spending time with the goats and chickens and playing in the woods.  With your registration you can submit your favorite 4th of July dish and if you have a family recipe/cooking tradition, feel free to email me and we can try to work it into the camp as well! 

There is an allergy friendly camp this summer that I recommend looking into if your child has food allergies. If your child does not have a severe food allergy and would like to see if the camp would still be a good fit, please contact me prior to registration.  There is an indoor game/crafting room that kids will be able to play in if they have seasonal allergies and would prefer not to play with the farm animals or in the woods.  If your child plans on going outside during the breaks or interacting with the goats or chickens, they will need to bring two pairs of shoes, one for outdoor play and one for inside the kitchen.  I will keep kids inside during lightening and thunder, but if your child loves to be out in the rain, simply send them appropriate gear and I’ll let them puddle stomp as much as they want.  


I hereby grant Becky’s Mindful Kitchen all rights and consent to copyright, use, publish, exhibit, or distribute all photographs and/or video of myself and/or my family to be used for Becky’s Mindful Kitchen website and any educational, training, or promotional materials without restriction.  If you wish to opt out of this, please indicate. 

I understand the following:

My child will be exposed to a variety of foods during class and tasting foods throughout the program. I have made Becky aware of all food allergies ahead of registering and feel that this camp is still suitable for my child. 

I understand and acknowledge that Becky’s Mindful Kitchen cooking classes and events have inherent risks, dangers, and hazards related to preparing food and working with tools and appliances and that my child’s participation in such classes and events may result in injury.  I will provide closed toe shoes for my child to wear while in the kitchen.I assume full responsibility for any injuries or damages resulting from my child’s participation in this program.  As the legal guardian of the minor child, I accept the risks inherent in the preparation, cooking, and eating of food that has been prepared during cooking classes.  I hereby release Becky’s Mindful Kitchen, all owners and employees from any and all liability for damage, losses, or personal injury resulting from my child’s participation in any Becky’s Mindful Kitchen cooking class or event. 

If my child’s behavior is disruptive to others and does not resolve with verbal warnings, I will come pick up my child and he/she may not be able to return to camp.

I understand that my child will be outside in a garden setting and interacting with chickens and goats.  I will dress my child appropriate for the weather and provide sun and bug protection.  I accept the risks inherent to gardening and interaction with chickens, goats and playing in the woods and release Becky’s Mindful Kitchen, all owners and employees from any and all liability for damage, losses or personal injury resulting from my child’s participation in outdoor activities.  I understand the importance of checking my child for ticks.

I agree to not send my child to class if he/she has had a fever or diarrhea in the past 24 hours, an active cough, or frequently needs to blow his/her nose. 

By signing this waiver, I acknowledge that I have carefully read it and understand the contents.  I am aware that this is a release of liability. If I am signing on behalf of a minor, I am giving the minor permission to participate in classes and events at Becky’s Mindful Kitchen.