Beginner and up: Italian Cooking (homemade cheese, pasta and sauce!) plus baby goats Camp- June 26-28th


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June 26-28th 2023 9am-12pm

Suggested ages 5 and up

Cost: $215, select venmo at check out if you prefer that to paypal. Venmo: @beckysmindfulkitchen or @becky-schmooke.

***For this camp, siblings ~12 and older who have come to camps in the past can come for free as helpers- please send me an email ([email protected]) if you have a sibling who wants to come as a helper. This is a great way for them to gain leadership skills, confidence and mentor younger kids. This is also my way of showing my appreciation to you all who have been a part of the BMK family for many years now. Please know that your older kiddo will be expected to help out and this isn’t simply a free spot for them to attend camp- this is cooking heavy so perfect for those who love to spend hours in the kitchen. I’ll be limiting the number of helpers so let me know ASAP if interested.

The Camp:

The official baby goat camp isn’t until July because I have learned to not schedule it too early and be in the position of not having baby goats. BUT… the first babies could be born the second week of June, which means by the time this camp rolls around there very well could be multiple brand new baby goats!

Each day, kids will be in the kitchen making a portion of what will become a homemade lasagna that they will take home to bake on Wednesday. On Monday they will make a homemade sauce, Tuesday they will make homemade cheese, Wednesday they will make hand rolled pasta and assemble their lasagna. Now, what if your kiddo HATES lasagna, but you love it- well, they will get to enjoy the homemade gelato that will magically appear on the hottest day of that week, AND they will get to enjoy doing something kind for the people who have cooked endless meals for them over the years. Kids will work in groups but everyone will take home their own dish.

Kids will get plenty of time to explore the new timber adventure playground, treehouse.

I will send out an email usually the Friday before camp starts. Please note that on your registration email that you receive, you will find my EIN- you will need that for next year’s taxes. If you plan on using this for flex spending, please follow the directions at check out.

(please click HERE to read about pickup/drop off, camp structure, cancelations, Covid safety, Etc)




June 26-28, Waitlist

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