BMK Camp Live Demo for Kids- Reese’s PB cups- June 16th


June 16th

9:15ish (time may vary a bit)

Because I know many kids are unable to participate in camps (including my own) this year, I am live streaming portions of the camps so kids can follow along at home.  The live stream will be on my FB page and be available on demand as well. Simply go to the Becky’s Mindful Kitchen FB page around 9:15ish on June 16th.

I will live stream a demonstration on how to make Reeses peanut butter cups.  This is a kid friendly recipe and one they can do easily on their own.  You can sub in any nut butter as well.  All you need is some peanut butter, powdered sugar, vanilla, room temp butter and chocolate chips.  1 cup of peanut butter, a few T butter, 1/4 cup powdered sugar, 1 tsp vanilla and 1-2 cups of chocolate chips will make plenty of mini or you can do regular size cups.  I like to use mini cupcake liners or a silicone cupcake mold.  You will need a microwave or double broiler to melt the chocolate chips.