BMK Date Night Winter Series- February 7th


February 7th 6-8:30pm

$80/couple (1 registration=1 couple)

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BMK Date Night Winter Series 2020

Cost: $80/couple.  Each class includes a full meal and you are always welcome to bring along anything you like to drink or eat.

BONUS: Each couple gets to pick one of the soaps from the Bath Bakery Soap Hutch and 10% off all AliKat art, signs and jewelry  in the Project Pantry Shoppe.  A variety of premium olive oils and balsamic vinegars from Harvest Oil and Vinegar are available for sale as well.  Cash or check is preferred for simplicity but cards are also accepted.

There are 3 different themes and nights.  All three options are described below.  If you register on this page it is for the February 7th 6-8:30pm  class.  Click on the other dates below to register for those classes.

January 11th (Parenthood), January 24th (Marriage) , February 7th (Dating)

STORY TELLERS WANTED FOR EACH OF THE 3 CLASSES LISTED BELOW.  Email Becky at [email protected] for more information or to submit your story pitch. Please forward this link onto anyone you think might like to share a story! Story Tellers attend class for free.

Since the beginning of time, sharing meals and stories have been a vital part of how cultures grew and developed both on a large scale and within families.  While it is true that thanks to the internet and social media, we are able to hear more stories of those living on the other side of the world, but at the same time, we spend less time talking and sharing our stories in person to our friends, neighbors and loved ones.  Over the years of running BMK, one of the most rewarding parts of my classes with other adults, is hearing their stories and meeting people that I would not otherwise get to. I began the development of BMK date nights to bring back the tradition of story telling and breaking bread with strangers and friends, creating a place of shared humanity, vulnerability, laughter and a reminder that we are supposed to interact with others face to face and not just online. It is easy to go out to dinner and have the same conversations.  And honestly, sometimes that is what is needed for a night out.  But, if you are up for it, I invite you to break out of the date night loop and spend the evening rediscovering the shared human experience of life, eating good food, laughing and heck, you may even meet new friends which to be honest- is not easy to do once you become an adult.  The story portion of the night will take place around a wood burning stove because it’s winter and let’s not kid ourselves- it’s going to be a cold one.

The class will include cooking/eating, sharing of preselected stories around the wood burning stove, time for questions and conversing and just hanging out.

There is also a series of classes called “In the Arena” which offers a similar structure and covers other themes. Click here for more info. For information about BMK’s class series for businesses looking to build trust, teamwork and a work environment that encourages honesty and vulnerability, email Becky at [email protected]

If you would like to be one of the story tellers for the night, please contact me via email or phone.  There are limited spots for each night so stories that are not selected for one night could very well fit into a future event. Selected story tellers will receive a dozen french macarons as a thank you! And if you don’t like macarons, you can easily regift them. Story Tellers attend class for free. 

January 11th 6-8:30pm, $80/couple, includes one free Bath Bakery soap and discount on all AliKat art. 

Story Theme: Parenthood- the first 5 years.

Stories are from seasoned parents who have survived at least half a decade of raising a tiny but powerfully exhausting human being.  We are looking for a wide variety of stories of how being a parent has changed your life, myths that were busted the hard way ,stories that are painfully hilarious, stories that you feel need to be shared.  It can be about a specific moment, or about a life change that continues to this day.

Food: There are few children who escape toddlerhood without a picture of a face covered with spaghetti so here’s a chance to recreate your own classic photo!  Dinner: spaghetti (if you require gluten free noodles please contact me when you register)- vegetarian and meat options available, garden salad, homemade garlic bread and we will start the night with making your own gourmet chocolates.

January 24th 6-8:30pm $80/couple, includes one free Bath Bakery soap and discount on all AliKat art. 

Story Theme: Marriage- The Far Side Edition/ Meme (for those who don’t know Far Side)

We are looking for stories about marriage that could be captioned like classic Far Side comic or as a Meme- those moments that looking back are as absurdly funny as they are authentically demonstrative of what life is like as a married couple.  Such as “…It then dawned on Hank that their repeated fights about his inability to show empathy was just a cover for the real issue- the dishwasher”.  Stories can cover all aspects of marriage from single events to series of discoveries.  They can cover the range from hilarious to heartbreak.

Food: Carrot Thai Soup (contains peanuts)- vegetarian and meat option available, homemade naan, serrano honey and lime kale salad plus a variety of sweet treats.

February 7th 6-8:30pm $80/couple, includes one free Bath Bakery soap and discount on all AliKat art. 

Story Theme: The best worst dates/break ups.  The wonderfully awkward movies about dating all came from real life experiences and if you’ve had them- let’s hear it all about it! This is a night to celebrate those hours spent in anguished awkwardness, those unmet expectations. life lessons and perhaps those dating patterns that took a bit to recognize.  This would make a great first date if you want to embrace and break through any potential first date awkwardness.

Food: Make your own personal pizzas, salad featuring a variety of oil and vinegar pairings and make your own gourmet chocolates.