Motherhood and Macarons- February 29th


February 29th 2:30-5:00pm

“Motherhood and Macarons”

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Motherhood and Macarons

Cost: $45/person         Includes: Cooking Class, Olive Oil and Vinegar tasting, story telling and a free Bath Bakery soap and discount on all Project Pantry art items.

This class is all about celebrating the beautiful, joy filled hell of motherhood that often is never talked about.  It’s a place for moms to come together and have honest conversations about what being a mom means.  In addition to learning how to make gorgeous french macarons, we will also have a time for story telling so if you have a great story about being a mom- it can be funny or heartbreaking- please feel free to share it!  This class exists to celebrate vulnerability, honesty and the chance to meet new friends and build up the village that is 100% needed to raise a family.  In the age of mom shaming on social media, let this be an antidote.  Plus you will learn how to make gorgeous macarons. Come with friends or come alone- treat yourself to a much needed break!

*Macaron’s are gluten free and can be dairy free as well.