BMK Mindful Leader Program- Email/Waitlist



This fall, I will be adding a BMK Mindful Leader program for teens.  I have not had time to work out the details of the structure of the program so please, when you sign up for the waitlist (simply a list for me to be able to notify you when I do create it), please add in any suggestions/requests of what you would like this program to include and how you would prefer it to be structured.

The reason behind this, is simple.  I believe kids are not getting the life skills needed in school to best navigate stress, anxiety, shame, bullying, leadership, mindset, mindfulness and communication- how to have respectful discourse… the list goes on…and while parents all do their best, there simply is so much on everyone’s plate, that it can be hard to have the conversations you want to be having with your children.  To this- I will be adding in CPR certification opportunities, cooking, fire skills, and more.

There will also be classes teaching kids how to teach- how to lead others and stand up for what is right. I will be selecting kids from this program to volunteer as counselors at camp next summer.  They will have the opportunity to lead campers in activities, work with the animals, and gain invaluable life experiences to use for silver cord hours, resumes and college applications.

Simply sign up if interested at all and I will email you when there are updates!

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