Butter and Filled Croissants- May 23rd


May 23rd


RECIPE HERE Croissants 

Recipe for frangipane for almond filling HERE 

Okay guys- are you ready to be croissant bakers? Deep breath.  You got this.  Here’s the deal- Friday, I will spend the day preparing multiple batches of croissant dough to have it ready for all stages on Saturday.  This way, I will condense down what takes about 2 days or at least a full day, into a 2 hour class-that is why there aren’t any classes on Friday- and be a true baker and get up at 5am to finish the prep.  Breath out- this is going to work and it will be awesome and I am okay with making 5 batches of croissants in 2 days and having to find a way to eat them all. There are multiple steps involved with croissants but I am hoping that with my help- you can feel confident to tackle them on your own.

First I will walk you through making the dough.  I will email out the recipe on Friday 5/22.  But you will need: flour, yeast (instant is best, active is fine), salt, butter (a full 4 sticks), whole milk, sugar.  You will also need room in the fridge for two trays.  You also need a ruler.  If above 21years of age, you may enjoy some wine at some point too. We will work through the first few steps together.  And then after you dough goes into the fridge for a minimum of 5ish hours- you sit back and relax while I show you the rest of the steps.  There are 5 total rests involved and two of them are about 5 hours minimum.

Ingredients/rough amounts:

5 cup flour, 2 c milk, 1lb butter (4 sticks), 1 packet yeast, 1/4 c sugar, 2 1/4tsp salt,

Almond filling (optional): 1/2 c almond flour, 4T butter, 1tsp almond extract or vanilla, 1 egg, 3T flour, 1/2 c powdered sugar or white sugar.

rolling pin, parchment paper or silicone mat or wax paper, measuring tape or ruler, space in fridge.  stand mixer or strong arms.  patience.


But seriously- once you do it and succeed- you will be hooked.  I love making croissants and I know you will too! I’ll show you how to do filled croissants along with the classic butter croissants.  This is the class to do with friends so you can bake them together in the future.  I planned this class so that you can do all of the steps during the day Saturday without feeling rushed and then have just one step left Sunday morning to do and then bake them up for fresh Sunday croissants- or time it out for Sunday brunch.  I’ll have all of the schedules typed up for you so you can plan it all out accordingly.  Those will be emailed on Friday as well.

I decided to make all classes free so that everyone can join regardless of financial situation during this time.  If you wish to donate, that is much appreciated but I sincerely do not want anyone to feel pressured into donating as that goes against the mission of these classes.

If you wish to donate, you may do so via PayPal or Venmo.

PayPal: [email protected] and Venmo: @Becky-Schmooke.  

All proceeds after my payments are made on BMK go towards scholarships to help those also financially impacted by COVID-19

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