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BMK Candles are new and while I work on figuring out the best custom scent blends and pouring techniques, you get to enjoy the candles for a special low price! The fragrances are free of carcinogens found in most candles and the size of the candle is perfect for a bathroom or small room.  They are made with organic soy wax.  I am moving away from using wick stickers to a new technique to make sure they are as secure as possible but still allow you to reuse the tin if you like.

Because candle scents are something I think you need to smell yourself before purchasing, I will simply have a variety out on the porch where your contactless pick up  occurs. If you want to purchase the candles you can simply venmo, pay with cash/check or PayPal. I’m doing this via honor system- I don’t want to have to review camera footage so please don’t ruin it for others by not paying.  Because I’m simply out of time and need to get this pop up shop open, I don’t have names for these custom blends yet.  I’ll have them sorted into different bins and just use your nose to decide.  PLEASE ONLY SMELL THE TESTER ONE!  I’ll remove this product link when all candles are sold.

These will be available onsite at BMK on a regular basis starting this spring, along with other fun gifts!  Eventually larger candles and candle molds will also be available along with candle making classes. Once out of stock, the gift shop online will be closed until the new website is finished.

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