Ultimate Cheesecake Class


June 20th


Learn how to create your own signature cheesecake using my base recipe.  I’ll help you create your own signature flavors using what you have on hand and come up with creative solutions. You will learn how to tackle all the elements that make for an amazing cheese cake- learning how to do it all from scratch.  Having a springform pan makes your life easier so I recommend buying one on amazon or a local store.  You can make it in a pie tin too.  You don’t have to make the shortbread crust and I’ll show you how to do other crusts as well, I personally love the shortbread crust as there are a lot of variations within it and it’s not as expected for a cheesecake.  This is a great class to do online with friends and family and compare your own creations- plus you can have it for Father’s Day the next day!


After each class, I will post a picture on instagram/Facebook for you to then post a picture of your creations.  It may seem silly, but those pictures mean a lot to me and it’s been so fun watching your food photography skills advance! On that thread- post what copycat candy you want to see for July!

Classes will stream live on FB and be available on demand there as well.  By joining the zoom class, you are able to ask questions and I am able to help you problem solve in real time.  I do not charge for these classes but donations are truly appreciated as these take significant time and ingredient cost.  If after the class, you find value and wish to donate that is awesome.  If you cannot afford to donate, but enjoyed the class, I ask that you share the links on your own social media or with friends and family and help me grow that way.  Venmo: @Becky-Schmooke or PayPal [email protected]