Chocolate Truffle (Competition-optional) Class (kids and adults)-May 15th


May 15th



The competition aspect of the class is totally optional! Learning how to make truffles is a fantastic skill as they are great gifts and perfect for parties (we’ll have those again someday).

Truffle pics/flavor descriptions must be posted by 6:30pm May 15th for judging.  The winning truffle must look amazing and be equally as creative in both the name and flavors.  The truffle with the most ‘likes’ will be the winner so make sure you share the post with as many people as possible.

Welcome to the first online BMK competition class.  And it’s all about chocolate.  Dark, milk, white- you choose.  I’ll show you the base recipes for making the truffle filling along with ideas of how to create your own signature flavors and look.  You will need at least 3 cups of chocolate chips or chocolate bars, heavy cream or canned coconut milk, and then extracts, or zests, nuts, crushed candies, sprinkles, herbs, florals… options are endless.  The only rule is while you can look online for inspiration, there must be some creative thought involved.  You have to spend time thinking about what flavors inspire you.  You also need to think up a fun name for your truffle- think of what it would be called in your own candy shop.

This competition is super fun to do with those you know so invite work friends, college friends, kid sports team members, classmates, family near and far- or make it a neighborhood competition as well.  Let’s see how far from Iowa we can get with this competition.

I will send out the base recipes the morning of the competition so you can print and reference those. Want to learn more about candy making? Check out my candy making intro class later in the month!

I decided to make all classes free so that everyone can join regardless of financial situation during this time.  If you wish to donate, that is much appreciated but I sincerely do not want anyone to feel pressured into donating as that goes against the mission of these classes.

If you wish to donate, you may do so via PayPal or Venmo.

PayPal: [email protected] and Venmo: @Becky-Schmooke.  

All proceeds after my payments are made on BMK go towards scholarships to help those also financially impacted by COVID-19

To register for the class you no longer need to register on this site but can register directly on zoom to receive the link automatically! Here is the link to register.  CLICK HERE