Custom Soaps and Bath Products PLUS Free Bath Soaks




With the doors of BMK closed, I am selling soaps and unbaked cinnamon rolls and other goods to pay bills until classes can resume.  Items are pick up only and payment through PayPal or Venmo (Becky-Schmooke).

Currently I am not doing custom soaps until I go through the current inventory.  Soaps are blends of scents with specific scents labeled (cognac and cuban for example).  Otherwise they are a blend of herbal and floral and seascapes.  Each soap can contain up to 5 scent blends as that is something I enjoy doing.  I will add new soaps every few days. I recommend simply coming out and picking out soaps and then paying for what you end up taking.  I am doing this all on honor system. Soaps are separated by price.

I will update this page if out of soaps- so check here before coming out. 

This is evolving as demand increases and I respond to feedback on what is wanted.  I am working on custom lotions as well.  Please have patience as this is not something I have ever planned on doing with BMK and am trying to do it in a way that keeps everyone safe.  Together we can do this!

There are two pick up locations, here at BMK up by the red barn (do not drive down to the house) and in Iowa City (message me for the address)- Iowa City pick up is only available twice a week.  I will have a bleach spray bottle at each pick up station, please bring a cloth from home to use to wipe down your packages before bringing them into your car.  This will help keep everything clean.

I also have free (donation only) bath soaks available for those needing extra self care while dealing with depression, anxiety and sobriety, as they navigate through this time.  There are different size bags and the scents are written on top.  If you wish to donate/pay forward the bath soaks, you may select the donation option above- each donation is $1- you can do as many as you wish.  All donation amounts go to the supplies for the free bath soaks. 

All soaps are $2.50 or $3- this is done by weight so smaller soaps will come in a bundle.  (Excludes larger custom soaps)

BMK Pick up: 4139 Crosheck Rd NE, Solon, IA Pick up by Red barn- please be considerate of neighbor’s driveway.

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Soap, Cinnamon Rolls and Donate

Large, Medium, Cinnamon Rolls, Donate