Customized Cooking Classes




I customize all of my private classes to fit your or your groups wants/needs when it comes to dietary restrictions and what you want to learn how to cook.  No idea what you want to cook? Not a problem, I can offer you suggestions of popular class menu items and help you build the perfect menu.  You can choose between a full meal class in which you then be able to sit down and enjoy in our private dinning porch or you can do a technique specific class (baking, dessert, appetizer, veggies, herbs and spices, cheese, etc).  You will still get to sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labor while drinking coffee/tea or any drink of choice that you want to bring! Love watching cooking competition shows on TV? You can live out your culinary competing dreams in person by organizing a group to come and compete in Chopped, Nailed It!, Great British Baking Show and more!

Please make sure you understand the pricing of the classes before purchasing. If you wish to pay in cash or check there is a $5 discount.  You may cancel the class no questions asked up to 2 weeks before the start of the class.  1 week prior to the class you will be charged a $50 ingredient fee and after 1 week there are no refunds as ingredients, prep and your time slot has been held for you and denied to others. If there is an emergency beyond your control- please just give me a call.  I sincerely do my best to find a solution that is fair to everyone involved but due to some recent choices by people scheduling classes, I have had to create a more concrete refund policy for those situations.

To purchase online- select the group size and then add the number of participants to the cart to check out.  To pay in person with check or cash contact me to register for the class.

PRIVATE Cooking Classes, each class runs about 2 hours, if you wish to book a longer or shorter class please contact me first:
Class sizes of 1-2 people. $155/person

SMALL GROUP Cooking Classes:
Class sizes of 3-4 people. $105/person

MEDIUM GROUP Cooking Classes:
Class sizes of 5-6 people. $85/person

LARGE GROUP Cooking Classes:                                                                                                                                                                       Class sizes of 6 and more. $65/person

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