Debate/ Social Media Safety Camp


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August 2-4 (ages 10-14)

August 9-11 (ages 14 & up)

If your kid likes to argue, this is the camp for them. However- arguing vs debate are very different things here.  Being able to engage in respectful discourse is a skill that will benefit your child for their entire life.  We will discuss how to engage on social media respectfully (an adult class on this may be next) along with in person and on text messaging.  Kids will be given a topic and a side to debate.  However, the goal is not only to present a valid argument, but ALSO to find common ground with the person on the other side of the topic.  We will practice different real life scenarios where having the skills of respectful discourse can have an impact along with working on public speaking skills.  We will discuss how our own anxiety and fear impacts how we interact with others. Empathy will be a word your kids will come home talking about along with integrity and the power of vulnerability.  This camp is special to me as BMK transitions to teaching this topic on a larger stage.  We will have a lot of fun, laugh a lot, while also becoming better citizens of the world.

All must read the COVID safety rules, Camp Waiver, and Cancellation Policy before purchasing!!!!

**All ages listed are not set-in-stone, so please just use common sense based on your own child!

Camp Date

August 2-4 (ages 10-14), August 9-11 (ages 14 & up)

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