Easy French Crepes- Thanksgiving leftover Class! Nov 27th


Friday November 27th

11am-11:45am, gluten free, dairy free optional

French Crepes are a great recipe to tackle as they are much easier to make than many realize AND the options are endless.  From sweet to savory, crepes can step in to rescue any meal of the day when you find yourself unsure of what to make.  I am offering this class the day after Thanksgiving as they provide a unique way to use up leftovers- turkey and cranberry and goat cheese crepes, sweet potato filled crepes…

Plus, I really hope it can provide a way to connect with other family members who you were unable to visit this year and you can have fun seeing who can create the most unique Thanksgiving leftover crepe combo!


After each class, I will post a picture on instagram/Facebook for you to then post a picture of your creations.  It may seem silly, but those pictures mean a lot to me and it’s been so fun watching your food photography skills advance!

Classes will stream live on FB and be available on demand there as well.  By joining the zoom class, you are able to ask questions and I am able to help you problem solve in real time.  I do not charge for these classes but donations are truly appreciated as these take significant time and ingredient cost.  If after the class, you find value and wish to donate that is awesome.  If you cannot afford to donate, but enjoyed the class, I ask that you share the links on your own social media or with friends and family and help me grow that way.  Venmo: @Becky-Schmooke or PayPal [email protected]

All holiday gifts for those local to BMK’s onsite location are free this year and just pay as you can.  COVID has hit so many financially and as my mission is to pay kindness forward, providing the ability for people to give gifts this year without worrying about money is one such way I can fulfill said mission.  Over 1,000 gifts will be provided for free starting mid to late November.  Once available, there will be a page on the website with additional information!

Donations for classes and gifts can be cash, check or Venmo @Becky-Schmooke or paypal, [email protected]

Do not register on this website but directly on zoom. You should receive an email after registering on zoom below, if you don’t receive one, please double check your email is entered correctly and your junk email box.