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Family Pizza and Gelato Night at the Treehouse! – September 26th


September 26th 4-7pm $200/family of up to 5, $30 for each additional kid/adult *.  Payment via PayPal, Venmo, Cash/Check – just bring with you when you arrive.

No charge for babies that will be worn/held.  Limited spots available so if you want to have family friends join- make sure to send them the link!  One car/family- if this isn’t possible for you, please message me.

DISCOUNT CODE: If your tween/teen (ages 10 and up) are signed up for next month’s Mindful Leader Workshop, use discount code LEADER for $25 off.  Sign up for the workshop HERE.

*This is priced as a 2hour event.  I was originally going to stagger the arrival times as we won’t have pizzas available immediately for every family but decided to just trust that you can simply self stagger and find things to do while waiting for pizzas and enjoy the bonus hour.  This also hopefully helps those who can’t arrive until later or have to leave early.  The event does end at 7pm, those who stay after will be assigned to the clean up crew! hehe.


Baby goats, chickens, treehouse, zipline, ninja course, slackline, archery, games and wood fired pizza awaits you and your family at BMK! This is a rare open to the public event as I normally only do private group events- but I wanted to offer an opportunity for those feeling the need to escape from the stress of life and reconnect with family.

The Pizza:

The dough is made with flour shipped from Italy, a 3 day red sauce made from tomatoes grown in the BMK garden.  You can choose between cheese, pepperoni and organic veggie pizza.  I will be making the pizzas while Bill cooks them.  As they are ready they will be placed on the pizza table for you to grab and enjoy! We will not have GF or DF pizzas available during this event.  I will also have water available but you are welcome to bring water bottles of course.

Gelato:  I will have individual cups of homemade gelato available in a variety of flavors.  I will not have any with tree nuts or peanuts.

The Baby Goats: Vivi will be in charge of the animals as I will be in the woods doing the pizzas.  She will help you in and out of the pasture and can answer any and all questions about the animals!  Pick up and snuggle the baby goats all you like!

Archery: The archery range will be open but parents must supervise.  No one is to collect arrows while others are shooting.  Goal: no arrows in butts.

Treehouse Rules: No shoes, No food, keep door closed to keep out bugs and clean up any mess before leaving.

Covid Safety: BMK believes that it is our responsibility to look out for those in the community who are still unable to get vaccinated against Covid-19.  We believe that being outside is the best option for Covid Safety and for the most part do not require masks outside.  1) Masks required when inside the treehouse or inside BMK for the bathroom.  2) If you are unable to keep distance from others outside, please wear a mask.  There is hand sanitizer available throughout the property- please use it!

Waiver and cancellation policy here.  You are hanging out in the woods and with farm animals- please dress accordingly!


I imagine most of you have been here before, and if so, still skim through this please just to make sure you are ready to rock and roll when you arrive.

  1. We share a driveway with our neighbors.  Please do not block their drive OR park in the apron.  Also- the play equipment and grass yard is theirs so please respect that and do not let kids run through it.
  2. When you arrive, pull down the driveway to the white house.  Circle around in the turn around and pull up to park facing up the drive.  The first car should park as close to the entrance to the neighbor’s drive as possible to allow for as many cars to park behind as possible.
  3. Continue to park behind the car in front of you even if this means parking in the turn around.  15 mini vans can fit facing up the drive way and halfway  around the turn around.  Should for some reason the turn around is full, there is a bonus parking spot between the red barn and goat pasture.
  4. Please just use common sense and be kind!
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