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All must read the COVID safety rules, Camp Waiver, and Cancellation Policy before purchasing!!!!

June 7-9 (ages 5-7)- NEW SPOTS OPENED

June 14-16 (ages 8-11)

NEW! AUGUST 9-11th: (Ages 5 and up, this is the last 3 day camp of the summer so I want to make it easy for siblings to attend together.  There will be the option for kids to stop by the archery station during the 2 days outside). We may not have baby goats born by then but I will have plenty of animals for the kids to play with and will try to snag some babies from the other location of our goat herd!


 Perfect for working parents and wide age range makes it great for siblings.    This camp will be a day packed full of fun! There will be new baby chicks arriving the week before so the kids will get to help name the chicks and play with the baby goats.  We will tackle some fun baking in the kitchen, plant herbs to take home and grow, play in the adventure playground and treehouse and visit the BMK garden.  Single day camps are really fun and perfect for working parents.  Please do send a lunch with your kiddo.  I provide the snacks and they can eat their creations too.  We eat outside and 6ft apart (siblings and friends within social circles can sit together- just let me know at drop off).  Feel free to come a bit early for pick up if you want to meet the animals yourself or bring younger siblings along.

With babies due to be born at the end of May, those attending this camp will have tiny little newborn goat babies to play with, bottle feed and get to learn how to milk a goat! We also plan on having new baby chicks for the campers to play with.  On one of the two outdoor days, you are welcome to arrive 30 minutes early with younger siblings so they can play and you can take photos with the baby animals.  Baby goats and chicks… you’ll want pics.  The kids will also learn the hard work of caring for animals, having to help clean out the stalls, fill waters and do all things farm (this is how I keep them from bugging you to get goats/chickens!).   We’ll head up to the BMK garden and check on how the vegetables are growing and they will plant their own herbs to take home and grow! With lots of play time in the woods and treehouse plus a day of cooking, this camp is packed full of fun and the ideal way to start off the summer!

All must read the COVID safety rules, Camp Waiver, and Cancellation Policy before purchasing!!!!

**All ages listed are not set-in-stone, so please just use common sense based on your own child!

Camp Date

June 7-9 (ages 5-7), June 14-16 (ages 8-11), Waitlist June 7-9, Waitlist June 14-16, June 26th, August 9-11

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