Farmers Market Series: Easy Thai Crab Cakes and Honey Garlic Bok Choy-May 30th


May 30th

5-6pm CT

The Farmers Market Series is created to promote food sustainability,  support local farmers and encourage creativity in the kitchen with new ingredients, flavors and techniques. Each class will feature ingredients that are available at most farmers markets across the country and in CSA boxes and gardens.  They also will include local meats whenever possible.  As with all of BMK classes, there will be a lot of room for substitution, creativity and customization as it is my mission to teach you how to cook and create and not just follow a recipe but develop your own.  There may not always be a recipe to follow but instead a list of possible ingredients.  

FARMERS: These classes are to help you no matter what state you live in- so please share them on your pages, comment on the post class threads, I’ll be asking people to tag their farm when they post pictures of their creations…you can also send in requests that your customers have and I’ll do my best to add it to the line up.  All I ask in return is that you do your best to farm sustainably, with minimal pesticides and treat your livestock with the respect they deserve for the delicious meat and dairy that they provide.

Crab Cakes are delicious and so incredibly full of potential when it comes to letting your creativity flag fly.  I’ll show you how to make a basic crab cake, a peanut Thai crab cake- and all the variations within that flavor profile, along with a honey ginger salad (I’ll be using a variety of greens from Rainbow Roots CSA box).  Here is a recipe that we will work off of- you do not need exact amounts: RECIPE HERE.

We also will be diving into the delicious Bok Choy and utilizing forged mustard greens for the next dish. There is room for substitution in this dish as well.  RECIPE HERE

These classes are donation only- your donations and sharing these with those who would enjoy them and helping me pivot online during this time truly means a lot.

Donate via Venmo @Becky-Schmooke and PayPal [email protected] 

If you feel that you can lend assistance to the production of the classes too, please feel free to email me.  Because they are offered for free, I ask for some grace in understanding that we are working on getting better internet speed out here in the timber. Currently classes are held on ZOOM but that may change as I search for a better platform.  CLICK HERE to register.