Fire and Archery Camp- July 31-August 2nd


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July 31-August 2nd 9am-12pm

Suggested ages 9 and up.

Cost: $215, select venmo at check out if you prefer that to paypal. Venmo: @beckysmindfulkitchen or @becky-schmooke.

** If your child or sibling of camper is 13 or older and experienced in archery or fire making they are welcome to come as a helper to the camp.

This camp takes the best parts of the past few years of fire and archery camp and combines them into one action packed week. We have updated the archery range and I’m really excited for your young archers to test it out!

If your child has attended past fire/archery camps they can get right to work practicing their skills (feel free to bring a personal bow for archery). If they haven’t, they will learn how properly prep wood (using hatchets and knives) to start a fire using a ferro rod and knife. They also will learn the basics of archery and get plenty of time practicing at the range. On the final day, they will get to cook over the fire making bread on a stick- we did this last summer and it was DELICIOUS!

This camp involves more risk than others as we are using knives and hatchets and shooting arrows. So if your child is not one to follow rules, respect dangerous tools and value safety, please know that I have a zero tolerance policy on not following safety rules. Meaning I will remove your child from the activity and they will not be able to participate in it for the rest of the day. So far no one has gotten injured in these camps and I would like that to continue. Campers rarely hear my “mom voice” but when it comes to violating one of those rules they will hear it.

My favorite part of this camp is watching kids deal with the frustration that comes with fire making. It is truly amazing to watch the team work of some groups and the leaders emerge. We focus on team building and leadership along with mindfulness and emotional intelligence in this camp.

Kids will get plenty of time to explore the new timber adventure playground too along with the animals!

I will send out an email usually the Friday before camp starts. Please note that on your registration email that you receive, you will find my EIN- you will need that for next year’s taxes. If you plan on using this for flex spending, please follow the directions at check out.

(please click HERE to read about pickup/drop off, camp structure, cancelations, Covid safety, Etc)


July 31-Aug 2nd, Waitlist

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