FREE Goat Therapy


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March 6th, 2-3:30pm

FREE for all Families.  Limited 15 families.  Please register as parking is limited.  You can come for all or part of the time whatever works for your schedule.  Sign up per family/car not family members.

BMK may be a business, but it is only a business because of the community that supports it, and now this is my way of supporting my community.  No matter your personal reason, if your family is in need of a mental reset, of some time out of the house and in nature and with the goats, if you need to vent to me or ask advice or want to hear a funny story, I am here for you.  If you need a reminder that people are good and kind and that you are wanted and valued- come here on Sunday because I promise you that all who will be here are amazing humans.  The magic of BMK is that somehow it attracts only the good and you will leave with renewed hope that kindness will prevail.  So many of us have heavy hearts right now and while they can’t remove all of the weight, I promise that the goats will do their best to bring a smile to your face.  And while the youngest baby is 7 months old- I promise they are still cute and fun to play with.


PARKING: You know the drill, pull down the driveway and circle around and park facing up the hill but do not block the neighbors driveway please.  And a friendly reminder that the play equipment and trampoline is all on their property, not ours.


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