FREE Mindfulness and Leadership Workshop for Grades 3rd-6th- June 14th


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June 14th 5:30-7pm

Grades 3-6th

Parents: You are welcome to stay during the workshop as there are multiple areas to sit and read or work that will be separate from where we will be talking. I only plan on talking with the kids for an hour and letting them play with the animals for the first 30min. Nothing beats goats and chickens as an ice breaker! Because I do have camp earlier that day and the next day, I won’t be able to open up the timber for playing or extend the time beyond 7pm, as I need to make time to spend with my own kids and tackle camp prep. Also- do read through this entire page as there is important info at the bottom.

This workshop is being offered after the Iowa City Public Library reached out to me about talking to their summer program kids on the importance of mindfulness and mental health. I decided to open up BMK and host a free event here, but I want to make sure that all who live in Iowa City know that their amazing library is the inspiration for this event for younger kids.

** I am not a mental health professional and will not be offering counseling services, please contact a licensed therapist to address any concerns you have about your child. Any post that I write for social media that includes references to these workshops is done with the permission of the families included in the post. I respect your and your child’s privacy.**

My goal in providing the many free workshops this past year on mental health for teens and kids, is for them to see that there are people who truly care, who want to hear their stories, who are willing to listen and respond with respect and not judgment or fear. My expertise is in Stoic philosophy and I blend that with neuro science and modern mindfulness to offer practices that are based in action and empower individuals to look at what is in their control and what isn’t, how to turn obstacles into opportunities and be kind not only to themselves but to others.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, and for kids to hear that is often just as powerful as giving an answer. Because teaching kids that “uck” emotions aren’t to be feared, aren’t ‘bad’, aren’t scary, is such an important lesson. Sitting in discomfort is a skill we all need to practice and if your kid can learn that now, learn to not move into distraction, into avoidance, turn to numbing- they will be better equip to handle all that life throws at them.

Revenue from this year’s summer camps are helping fund the many free workshops I have held for tweens and teens this year to provide a safe space for them to share stories and learn new ways of putting mindfulness into action, be a leader in their own lives and build confidence. We also have a 12 years and up CPR certification and leadership workshop in August that I need help in spreading the word to families with teens. Check out all of the camps and register with a friend because carpooling is always a win! SIGN UP HERE.

PARKING/DROP OFF: First of all- this info and the address of BMK is on my homepage so don’t forget to check that out if you forget what you read here.

When you arrive, follow the signs. There are all new signs up to make your life and mine as easy as possible, but the deal is, you have to read them and follow them. So be that person. please. Drive down towards the white house, and you’ll see a “Drop Here/Circle Drive” sign. If you are dropping your kid off, drop them off there, then circle around and I’ll see you later. If you are staying, drive down, circle around and then drive up the hill until you see a sign that says “parking starts here”. Park there. and then cars will follow in suit. This can work. I know it can. I’m just waiting for the first group that does it. Make it be yours.

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