Free Naan Class- April 11th


April 11th

4-5pm CT

Okay- I’m getting the important stuff out of the way first to hopefully make it as easy and simple and clear as possible!

1)Make sure you have liked/followed my FB page or if Instagram is your platform- I’m there too!  That is the best way to keep up to date on all the good stuff!   Only 100 people can join on zoom although zoom does allow more than 100 to register.  So do register but if you don’t make it into the zoom, you can watch the video live on my Facebook Page OR on demand under the video tab. Click HERE for my FB page.  Instagram @beckysmindfulkitchen or HERE. 

I did create a FB group to stream the classes due to spammers.  HOWEVER- despite my attempts to best explain the purpose of the group as simply a place to stream the classes, there has been a desire for it to be a place for asking questions and posting pictures there instead of the after class photo thread on the public page.  I don’t have the time to maintain a group on top of my page for the free classes.  While I won’t close the group as I would love for there to be a community for those wanting to share and ask advice- but I won’t be able to take on responding to everything there- I will stop in when I can but just please know I am available on Instagram through DMs and FB through messages and I respond to all after class photo comments on the public thread.  So the classes will be streamed on the public page and shared into the group.  I tried something to solve one problem and created a bigger problem for myself.


Homemade naan is  to beat.  This recipe is not 100% traditional, I know that, but it is a wonderful easy intro recipe for a flat bread that can be then adjusted to meet your needs. Traditionally you would just use: yeast,  flour, water, sugar, salt, ghee and yogurt. Warm naan, saffron spiced butter… mmmmm Or naan pizza? Naan dipped in coconut ginger curry sauce… It’s easy to make, easier to eat! Yes you can use gluten free baking flour but the dough will be harder to handle so just be aware of that. In my show I do go over a brief history of the dish, as not only is it truly interesting to me to know more about the food I cook and eat, it is also important to me that I use this time to share with you all that same information. 

3)  If you wish to donate after the class, you may do so via Venmo @beckysmindfulkitchen or PayPal: [email protected]  

4) To register, click on the link here to zoom.  You don’t have to register to view on FB, simply like or follow the page. I hope you feel like you are simply hanging out with a friend during these classes and never feel intimidated by the recipes!

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