FREE Teen Mental Health and Leadership Workshop- April 30th


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April 30th 3-4:30pm

This is for tweens and teens who would like to have a space where they feel safe to talk about mental health, bullying, feeling overwhelmed, stressed, etc. A place where they will be supported and realize that they are not alone!

This workshop is provided free of charge. *I am not a mental health professional and will not be providing counseling services.

This workshop is to be a place for teens to come together and be heard. To lean into vulnerability without fear of judgment and get help in navigating shame, anxiety, fear and worry. We’ll discuss how to put mindfulness into action, learn about stoic philosophy and how to identify what is in our control, how to turn obstacles into opportunities and how to regulate emotions. They also will have time to hang out with the goats and chickens.

This is for families who understand the value of saying the words, talking about the issues and not around them. For families who understand the need to talk to teens at their level, to be grounded in reality, and to not pretend that their problems are small just because they are young.

I believe in providing a space for teens to be comfortable and themselves and not worry about saying the wrong thing.

I am available to talk at schools and to groups about mental health. I do not charge to speak at schools- mental health in kids is too important to me to let cost ever be a barrier.

There is a teen CPR certification and leadership workshop this summer (including cooking skills) please feel free to share it with anyone who might be interested: HERE

I spend most of my time now speaking and running workshops, if your organization brings in speakers, or you attend conferences that you feel would benefit from talks on these subjects, I thank you kindly for passing my name along. Here is my speaker page with my most popular talks: HERE


April 10th-FULL, Waitlist

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