Free French Macaron Class- March 6th


March 6th

2-3:30pm Central Time (3pm ET, 1pm MT, 12pm PT)

Okay- I’m getting the important stuff out of the way first to hopefully make it as easy and simple and clear as possible!

1)Make sure you have “liked” or “followed” my FB page (I’m on instagram too!) in order to view the livestream video of the class.  Only 100 people can join on zoom although zoom does allow more than 100 to register.  So do register but if you don’t make it into the class, simply pop on over to FB to view there.  The video DOES NOT stream in the event on FB but on my page.  So click HERE to like/follow my page to be able to view the video! You can also watch the class video on demand along with past classes whenever it works for your schedule.  Instagram @beckysmindfulkitchen

2) I am determined to continue to offer these free classes but some spammers have made it a bit tricky.  I think we have the problem solved but if you notice spam links on the event/video/posts please report them and let me know.  I am a stubborn mama so they won’t keep me from continuing to spread kindness through these classes and I hope you enjoy them and encourage others to join as well.  I’m a one woman show and do not receive any sponsorships for these classes- these classes have only grown because of people like you, sharing them with others both online and word of mouth.  I started them last March when I had to close my doors due to Covid and have now  done over 200 free classes.  My social media pages are much more than cooking and I hope you enjoy all that BMK has to offer from the classes to the honest and practical approaches to mindfulness and commitment to celebrating the shared human experience.  If you wish to donate after the class, you may do so via Venmo @Becky-Schmooke or PayPal:

3) To register, click on the link here to zoom.  You don’t have to register to view on FB, simply like or follow the page. I hope you feel like you are simply hanging out with a friend during these classes and never feel intimidated by the recipes!


Back by demand are the delicious French Macarons- keep expectations low and you’ll have a great time! I don’t provide the recipe as it is best explained in a class format and I honestly don’t have the time to type it all out.  You can find plenty of food blogs who have it explained in written detail along with stories and antidotes.  This isn’t a food blog.  This is a mom with very little time to write things that aren’t fun- like detailed instructions.  You can watch the class video on demand on my FB page at any time!   The list of ingredients can be found below.

Ingredients for macaron cookie:  2c Powder Sugar, 1c. Almond Flour,  Eggs (3 medium to large (not small) ), 1/4c granulated sugar. Optional: flavoring extract, food coloring.

You also will need a piping bag or zip lock bag.  No piping tips needed. A rubber spatula.  A hand or stand mixer or very strong arm muscles and a whisk!

Buttercream ratio: 1 stick room temp butter, ~2 c powdered sugar, ~1 tsp flavor extract of choice (you can use other things to flavor too!)  optional: pinch of salt. You will blend the butter and sugar, tasting and adjusting until perfect sweetness.  You can add a dash of cream or milk if needed to get the consistency you like.

Pre class prep:  If you don’t have a macaron template (available on amazon), then on parchment paper trace out circles to guide your piping.  Here is the link to a printable template.