French Macarons- April 11th


April 11th 11:30am-1pm


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April 11th 11:30am-1pm


During non pandemic times, French Macarons are one of my most popular bakery items and I will make a few hundred at a time!  I will do my best to teach you over the computer how to tackle this finicky cookie. If you register for this class and wish to take it in person this summer when I am able to reopen, you will receive a coupon code to be able to attend for a discounted price.

Ingredients: Powder Sugar, Almond Flour-available on amazon if you want to avoid the store, Eggs (3), granulated sugar, butter (room temp), flavoring of choice, food coloring (optional).  You also will need a piping bag or zip lock bag.  No piping tips needed. A hand or stand mixer or very strong arm muscles and a whisk!

Pre class prep:  If you don’t have a macaron template, then on parchment paper trace out circles to guide your piping.  Here is the link to a printable template.

Please register even for free classes- this way I can email you if things change on my end.  You will receive the zoom information morning of the class- If you register after the email goes out (if you don’t get one by 10am then it has already been sent) then please email me for the link to the class. I am password protecting all classes to help keep them safe for all participants.  

Please note that even though classes are only 30min-1hour, they do require prep time, both in the kitchen and on the website along with answering emails and working on creating new ideas for you all.  So I ask for some grace and understanding during this time as I will continue to offer these free and discounted classes as long as possible.  

After costs and bills, all proceeds of paid classes will go to scholarships to help kids attend camps whose family has been impacted by COVID-19.  Please continue to register for summer camp and share with others.  Soaps and bath bombs are also still available at 3 locations.  Share these classes with friends and family- local and far away as they are a great way to connect and learn new skills together! Message me with any questions and I cannot wait to see you in person!