Junior Chef/Baker Workshop (intermediate & Advanced) – August 12th


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August 12th, 9am-4pm (no age limit- kids must be able to use the stove and oven) $215/paypal or $200/venmo, cash or check.


IMPORTANT: all the info you need on pick up/drop off and the new changes to the camps this year can be found HERE


This workshop is one of my favorites to run and it’s a full day of cooking fun.  Kids need to be relatively independent in the kitchen and ready to tackle new techniques and challenges.  They will be making their own lunches so no need to send one! We will be baking and cooking, working on seasonings, flavorings and how to create recipes.  Kids will be challenged according to their skill level and work in small groups.  Kids will be responsible for their own stations as well- cleaning and setting up. Kids will be using knives, stove and oven.

Why do I love this workshop? Because your kids will be pushed in what they believe they are capable of creating, this workshop is about building confidence, about building skills and about proving that kids can do incredible things when given the space to create!

They will of course also have time with the baby goats, treehouse, zip lines and more!

Have your chef/baker put in the notes what they want to learn how to make as I will be customizing these workshops.  I want to do a cake competition and donuts, but I’m open to all ideas!



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August 5th, Waitlist August 5th, August 12th, Waitlist August 12

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