SPRING BREAK CAMP: Italian Cooking and Farm- March 18th


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March 18th: 11am-3pm

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Ages: If your child can be trusted around boiling water and knows his/her way around a kitchen, this class will work for them.  I would say on average ages 8 and up.  I don’t like putting ages on classes as there are 10 year olds who can out cook a 17 year old while blindfolded.  I treat all my young chefs with the same respect and expectations regardless of their age.  There is an 10 kid minimum for this class to run so please share with friends and neighbors!

Masks I hope will not be required, but I do ask that you not send a child who is sick or has family member sick with covid or any other nasty contagious illness that no one wants.  Common sense and Kindness please.  Masks can of course be worn.  Masks will not be required when outside.


Hand rolled pasta and ravioli and tortellini is one of the most popular classes here at BMK for adults and I decided it was about time to bring it to the kids.  They will be making egg based noodles and learning how to make different styles and then also make ravioli or tortellini using homemade ricotta cheese that they will be in charge of seasoning.  They also will be tasked with cleaning up their stations as pasta can get messy and I refuse to send them home with a skill set that will create a mess in your kitchen, without teaching them the tricks to making clean up as easy as possible.  They will have food to take home if they don’t eat it all in class- no promises there! They will also learn how to make the homemade ricotta cheese.

The kids will also get plenty of time with the goats and chickens and in the timber- racing on zip lines, playing in the treehouse and tackling the ninja course.

‘They will not be given a recipe as the value of this class is that they learn how to make pasta, not just read a recipe as they could at home, however, you can always have them rewatch my online video on my FB page if they get stuck.

If you want your child to come home and recreate the meal for your dinner, you will need to make sure you have a bag of all purpose flour, 6 eggs will be sufficient for a family of 4-5, 1/2 gallon whole milk for the ricotta cheese if they are making ravioli, white vinegar (a few tablespoons), and Italian herbs.  They will learn how to make penne, lasagna, bow tie, egg noodles, linguini and ravioli and tortellini. So you can plan your meal around one or more of those pastas!

Read Class Waiver and Cancellation Policy Here. 

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