Kid Nailed It! Baking Championship- December 29th


December 29th, 1-4:30pm 

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December 29th 1pm-4:30pm 

Bad weather make up date: January 4th 1-4:30pm 

Cost: $50.00

Level : Intermediate/Advanced 

This is a perfect experience gift for your avid baker this holiday season. The young chefs will compete in teams in a Nailed It! challenge and Gingerbread House building and decorating competition and BMK hot chocolate challenge where each team tries to balance the most chocolate penguins on a marshmallow iceberg- it’s become a fun tradition this year.  They will be working in teams of 4-5 so if friends/siblings want to compete together in a team just let me know and I will pair them together.  The Nailed It challenge is gluten free, however the gingerbread is not.  I like to let parents use their own judgment as far as if their child is old enough- age doesn’t equal skill level in the kitchen.  Parents are welcome to come at 4pm to help judge! During any down time kids can play in the BMK game room or outside with the goats/chickens and in the woods and zip line so feel free to send them with winter gear.  

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