Kindness Gift Making and Fairy Garden Camp- June 17th, ages 5 and up


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June 17th, 9am-4pm, ages 5 and up.  $215 via PayPal, $200 via Venmo, cash or check.

NOTE: There is something I take pride in, and that is creating an environment where kids of all ages thrive.  Younger kids get to look up to older kids, and older kids get to play the role of leader. In school and sports, kids are only with those of similar age and we have denied them the opportunities to learn how to interact with those younger and older.  However, I also am very aware that many older kids have zero interest in being in a camp where there are younger kids, which can make it a hard sell as a parent.

In these all age camps, I do divide the group up to make sure older kids are challenged in the kitchen and with the themed activity.  Is it more work on me? Sure.  But I truly believe it is worth it, because I have seen the awe in younger kid’s eyes when they see an older kid accomplish something they can’t yet do, and the confidence soar in older kids as they realize they get to be a leader, a teacher and a mentor to those younger. Best of all, when you have kids of multiple ages, this means a one stop drop for you!


Kindness Gift Making and Fairy Garden Camp:

Due to the waitlist for the Fairy Garden Camp, I have added making Fairy Gardens to this camp as well! Kids will be designing their own fairy gardens on wood rounds cut from down trees at BMK to take home.

With Father’s Day 2 days away, I thought it would be a great opportunity for a camp where kids can make gifts, not just for Fathers or Grandfathers, but anyone in their life that they want to spread kindness to.  Kids will be making gifts in the kitchen to pay forward and  Paige, from Charli Dean Designs (she does the jewelry birthday parties here at BMK), will be leading the kids in making Fairy Gardens and other art/craft inspired gifts. We will have an action packed day with plenty of time reserved for creative free play with the animals and in the woods.  Please send a lunch, I will provide a snack and we will most likely end with ice cream!   There may be baby goats born by now or even on that day! I love my gift focused camps as it allows for discussion on kindness and giving back.

Camp Date/Waitlist

June 17th, Waitlist

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