Mindful Motherhood Leadership Workshop: April 24th


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April 24th 10-12:30pm.

$50/mom (mothers of kids of all ages welcome including mothers to be and grandmas!)  Please pay via Cash or Check (you can bring day of) or by Venmo @becky-schmooke or @beckysmindfulkitchen.  PayPal takes a large percentage now and I would rather not have to increase my prices. 

Being a mother can feel incredibly lonely and isolating, especially when on social media it seems like everyone else has their shit together and is nailing mom life. We see pictures of smiling faces, quality time, special moments and even the imperfection posts are filled with positivity.

Mom shaming, judgmental comments and unhelpful advice fill the threads, dominating the narrative of what support truly looks like.

This workshop is a place and space for moms to be vulnerable, to share the truths that bring us shame and to hear the words that can move mountains: “Me too.” You will leave this workshop with new skills, solutions to problems, feeling that you are not alone, and be motivated to make changes that last.

While there are countless parenting books available, there are few leadership books available for parents, and that is what being a parent truly is, being a leader. And yet parents are rarely given any help on how to be a leader and fall into the role of manager. Just like in business, being a manager is not being a leader. I have developed my own approach to mindful leadership that applies not to the workplace, but to all aspects of life. The skills you will learn in this workshop will help you not only deal with issues with your kids, but help you live the life you deserve to live.

This workshop will include an interactive talk and take you through my S.T.O.A process that provides clarity when making decisions both big and small, by identifying what success means to you, the values that anchor you and how to turn obstacles into opportunities. You also will be able to ask your specific questions and share stories.  I am not a parenting expert but have dedicated my life to studying philosophy, mindfulness and creating an approach to parenting that has helped many. But I am not an expert in your kid.  Only you are. And you also have amazing things to say and I value your input.

Coffee, tea and sweets will be available.  Depending on weather we will hold this outside or inside the new coffee lounge.

Directions and Parking information can be found on the homepage of my website- but a reminder to drive down and circle around and park facing up the driveway and do not park in apron or block the neighbor’s drive.

This workshop is for mothers, as we will cover some mother specific issues, but there will hopefully be a workshop for fathers this summer as well.

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