Nailed It!- Parents & Kids- July 12th


July 12th 5:30-7:30

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Dates: (2 hours is an approximate time) 

June 30th 3-5pm

July 7th 1-3pm

July 12th 5:30-7:30pm- Register on this page 

July 26th 1-3pm

Cost: $25/person 

If watching Nailed It! has become a regular family activity in your house, or you have a child who LOVES to watch the show over and over again- then you need to join us at BMK for the inaugural summer of Nailed It! Family Competitions. Two pairs of a parent & kid will compete together in a team of four against 4 other teams to see who can best recreate the masterpiece presented by our professional baker.  Each team will be given all ingredients and tools necessary along with the recipe for the cake/cookie/cupcake.  However- completing the final design is up to you to figure out! This is meant to be a fun and memorable day- a competition but no one will feel like a failure because just giving it a try is an accomplishment! So get ready to laugh, bake and bond over royal icing and fondant! 

BONUS: Time with goats/chickens and exploring the fairy forest will definitely be included!