Pop Up Halloween & Day of the Dead Camp- Oct 30th


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October 30th 10am-12pm

Ages 5 and up $50/kid – You can pay via Venmo, cash, check or PayPal.  (simply bring cash/check with you on Saturday, no need to send in advance).  Venmo: @becky-schmooke or @beckysmindfulkitchen.

A note in support of all small businesses: PayPal and Venmo both have increased the fee they take from each transaction.  I have not increased my prices for those who pay that way, but if check or cash works for you, that is how I will be paying other small businesses myself who are in this position, as I want them to get the payment.

costumes optional but please know that kids will be with goats and chickens and in the woods so I cannot promise costumes will not get dirty! This is a special low price, so share with friends and sign up quickly as spots are limited.

The weather looks great this Saturday for a morning of fun in the woods and with the animals! Kids will get to decorate sugar skulls to take home and learn about their significance in the holiday of Day of the Dead. They will also take home some dried marigold flowers- the flower of the holiday, to place around any photos of loved ones who have passed.

We also will bring back the popular Halloween Easter Egg hunt in the woods. All candy will be individually wrapped- if your child has an allergy, I will have extra candy to swap out if needed.

The kids will get to play with the animals and race on the 2 zip lines, attempt the ninja course that has been moved to a new location, play games, swing, build a stick forts, and more.


Masks required when inside for the bathroom but not when outside playing.  If your child wants to wear a mask, please know that they are welcome to and I do not tolerate any bullying.  


Drive down the hill to the red “DROP HERE” sign.  I’ll be standing by the sign, drop off your child and circle around to exit back up the driveway. If you arrive early or want to help your child out of the car, please circle around and park up the driveway, not in the spots in the turn around space.  Please wait to drop off until you are to where I am standing and not cut around the car in front of you.  Finally- if parking up the driveway- please do not park into the grass on the neighbor’s lawn or block their driveway.  The play equipment is on their property as well.  And for all of you who have been here countless times before, you know the drill- and I thank you for your patience.



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