Soft Pretzels/Pretzel Buns-April 20th

April 20th 1-2:30pm


April 20th 1-2:30pm

We’ll tackle the amazingly delicious soft pretzels that can also be made into flavorful pretzel buns to complete your dinner plans. Here is the RECIPE  and INGREDIENTS 

I decided to make all classes free so that everyone can join regardless of financial situation during this time.  If you wish to donate, that is much appreciated but I sincerely do not want anyone to feel pressured into donating as that goes against the mission of these classes.

If you wish to donate, you may do so via PayPal or Venmo.

PayPal: [email protected] and Venmo: @Becky-Schmooke.  

All proceeds after my payments are made on BMK go towards scholarships to help those also financially impacted by COVID-19.

To register for the class you no longer need to register on this site but can register directly on zoom to receive the link automatically! Here is the link to register.  CLICK HERE

To me, the value in coming to BMK is learning how to cook, not how to follow a recipe.  I love and encourage creativity, problem solving and building new skills both in and out of the kitchen.  My recipes are almost all just a foundation for adults and kids to build off of.  This also comes in handy as currently, learning to use what you have in your kitchen and not go to the store is a valuable skill.  If you don’t have all of the ingredients, I still encourage you to join the class and I can offer substitutes for the ingredients.  Many of these are old recipes that I have changed myself so come prepared to learn, experiment and create.